Metamorphosis will help you in becoming more productive and efficient by You bring your actions in line with your wishes and dreams and therefore will relentlessly and irresistible! You can use the app even without the use book and will after a short time to positive changes you notice. The greatest benefit from it, however, […]

Binary Training

Binary training is a kind of educational app that helps you to learn from their training centers.You need to sign up inside the app to access the stuffs. Its is a training that is been provided by Forex & Binary Option training center.   Google Play

Lady Bobble

LadyBobble is an online fashion shopping site that presents you with amazing fashion stuffs. Lady Bobble covers everything such as clothes, shoes, tops, lingerie, accessories and more. So overall its a complete solution for the ladies.   Website

Benzr Pharmacy

Now everything will be better with Benzer Pharmacy mobile app. Benzer Pharmacy brings you the official mobile app featuring refill, transfer, and add new prescriptions by scan and free home delivery at your fingertips. This app offers the most convenient way to manage your prescriptions anywhere, anytime from your phone. Simply scan the bar code […]


KallGauge is the app from Chipin that help you increase the efficiency as well as the accuracy of your accounts/admin team and also help you contribute positively towards the environment by saving tons & tons of paper used in printing & distribution of Mobile Bills. Announcing the release of Kall Gauge, the first of its […]

Check In

Check In” allows users to jot down daily thoughts and events in different categories on android devices. The app “Check in” acts like private folder where you can write down all moments and all events from your personal perspective and preserve them to love and protect whenever you want to re-check them. Download Check In […]


The VoteMix is ​​an application made for a musical interaction between people worldwide.Anyone is able to create and manage a small to a mega party, public or private. The party administrator has full control over it and can invite Votemix contacts.The location service displays the exact location of the party in the city map and […]

Fly On The Go

FlyOnTheGo provides you cheapest solutions to your flight travelling. From passenger flights to private jets. Deals are open. So that makes the App different than the usual travelling app. If you are interested in traveling like the rich and famous and don’t have the financial means to make it happen we may have a solution […]


Grapevine creates a community for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Grapevine goal is to increase business potential by connecting with small bsuiness owners through networking and referrals.”Nothing travels faster than the word of mouth and we do business based off of who we know so let’s get connected and Remember where you heard it first”? […]


GIFTEX a venture by Trade & Technology Exposition Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd. engrosses visitors to have a check list of all the exhibitors that are participating at the Official Giftex Exhibition. Interest takers of GIFTEX will always have a broad spectrum of the exhibition by knowing the in and outs of the arranged exhibition with […]