Must Have Features In Your Fitness App

9 must have features in your fitness app

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“Health is wealth”, people have finally started believing in this proverb. Nowadays, everyone has become health conscious. Majority of the people wish to live a healthy life but find it difficult to have a proper routine. 

Oftentimes, we get the motivation to be healthy, work out, and eat healthy. But then all of a sudden, all that motivation turns its back on us. 

Well,  that’s where a fitness app helps us succeed in our fitness journey. They offer motivation to live a healthy life as well as the process to get healthy.

Seeing the future of fitness app, if you’re wishing to start your fitness application. Then, you should keep reading the blog.   

In this blog, we are going to tell you some important features that you must incorporate into your fitness app.

9 Features to Consider When Planning to Build a Fitness App

Here are some of the things that you must consider while building your fitness application.

  1. Quick Sign-up

The users do not like a complex and lengthy registration process. That is why the signup feature in your fitness application should be as convenient as possible. You should give the users an option to sign up using their social media accounts.

Else, you can just make the whole process simple and short by only asking for the name, mobile number, and email id of the user. After they enter their details, they will receive an OTP on the given number. Then, the registration process of the user will come to an end and the user will get registered on the application.

So, the first and most important thing you need to consider while developing a fitness application is the “Easy Sign Up” feature.

  1. Consider the Platform

Do you wish to design your application for iOS or Android or Windows? First, decide where you want your application to be applicable.

This is a very significant decision because it is going to directly impact the application adoption rate among the users and this will affect your revenue.

For example, being a fitness application development company, you should opt for an Android application if your focus audience is South American Countries.

On the contrary, the majority of people in the USA prefer iOS applications. So, if your audience resides in the USA, then you should focus on building iOS apps.

So, at the time of choosing the platform, you need to find out where your target audience stays. Then based on that you can select the correct platform for you. 

  1. Understand Your Audience

This is a very significant part of the process of fitness application development. If things are well planned, researched, observed, and analyzed at this stage, then everything else will become easier.

You must research the target users, which age group will suit your application, their financial condition, location, what they do, and a lot more.

When you analyze your application based on these parameters, it will assist you in determining what features you wish to include in your application.

  1. Payment Options

Though most of the services offered in the fitness application are free of cost. But you must add some premium services to your application. Most importantly, when you’re selling some of your equipment, health drinks, and healthy stuff, then you need to add this option.

So, make sure to add convenient payment options to your fitness application. Also, try to add as many payment options as you can such as wallet, UPI, Card, bank transfer, and so on. 

  1. Wearable Device Connection

As you’re reading this, you must be wearing a smart device on your wrist, right? That’s why you must offer a wearable device connected to your fitness application.

The users can easily track and monitor their activities on the application. Not only this but connecting your application with wearable devices makes your application user-friendly.

So, while developing a mobile application, make sure to add a feature connecting wearable devices with your app.

  1. Social Media Integration

This world is running on social media! That’s why you must integrate your application with social media. 

You can post fitness videos and other content related to your fitness application on social media platforms. Through social media, your application will get advertised in the right way. 

Also, your application will become popular, and more and more people will download it.

  1. App Dashboard & Menu

There should be a proper dashboard and menu on the fitness app. So that the users can easily navigate through the application. 

The menu must have all the offerings organized in a corner. Also, there should be filters using which the users can easily seek what they’re seeking. This saves their time as well and they can easily find what they’re looking for.

In addition to this, the dashboard will depend on the genre of your fitness application. For instance, the dashboard of a workout application should contain goals for the next day or the previous day’s exercise time. Moreover, the dashboard of a diet application contains the daily calorie intake and so on. 

In short, the dashboard feature of your fitness app must include goal statements, statistics, achievements, etc.  Also, adding a diary feature will be a plus point!

  1. Notifications & Reminders

Notifications and reminders are a game changer, for the users as well as the developers! 

Any person who works out consistently never wants to miss even a single session. But in such hectic schedules and busy life, people tend to forget sometimes.

In all such cases, a notification or a reminder will do wonders! It will remind the users about the activities they should do.

But wait, make sure to send the notifications in moderation. Because too many notifications will annoy the user. In turn, they will leave your application.

So, try to be a little less annoying! (Just kidding)

  1. Goals and Activity Tracker

Setting goals and tracking activity is the most important feature of a fitness application. You should have this feature in your application as it assists the users in tracking their activities.

Also, an application that reminds the users about their goals stands out in the market as it pushes the users to do better. Also, the users can compare their performance with goals by using this feature.

Not only this, but by using this feature users can keep track of various things like step count, calories burned, water, sleep, diet, and everything else.

If you consider all these things in your fitness application, then you’ll make your application unique from others.


That’s all about the must-have features in a fitness application. Now, you’ve gathered the necessary information about fitness application development. This is the perfect time to set your competitors behind and go ahead of the competition.

What are you waiting for? Take a step and design your application and encourage people to stay healthy and fit.

Still, got any doubts or confusion? Or you can not afford to make any mistakes while designing your fitness application? Do not bother, you can hire a fitness app development company for the same! 

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