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Best Website creation is a broad term for all the different things that go into making a website. This includes but is not limited to making text and code, programming, network infrastructure, and content management systems (CMS).

Some Basics of Web Development

IP Address

To go there, you’ll need to know a website’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. A unique string of numbers is an IP address. IP numbers make it easy to tell apart the billions of websites and gadgets linked to the Internet.


The HyperText Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, connects your computer to the distant server that holds a website’s data. A protocol is a set of rules that tells a network, in this case, the Internet, how to send data. You can use it to move from one page to the next.


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The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) gives a client (a computer) and a server (another computer) the tools they need to send and receive requests and answers in a shared language over the Internet. This happens when you use a search engine or type a URL into a web browser. It takes the information you send to a website, figures out the code from a computer, and shows you the page that was made. It turns what you write into a language that the Internet can understand.


Coding is writing computer code in one or more programming languages that can be used in websites and apps. They are called “languages” because they let people and computers talk to each other using the exact words and rules for making sentences. They also have directions, codes, and symbols that can only be understood by the software and hardware that goes with them.

At least one computer language is used to write all software, but these languages can vary depending on hardware, operating system, and the author’s taste. Each vocabulary can be put in the front-end or back-end group, depending on its primary job.

Cyber Security

Evil people will always try to find security holes in web application development companies to steal information, crash systems, or do other nasty things. Cybersecurity is the term for steps to protect information systems, computer networks, and other similar items from hacking.

The security measures and techniques hackers use to get around them are constantly changing and improving. You need to know how your website could be targeted to avoid being in a risky situation. And for this you must have to think according to website developers.


Hosting is a fancy word for keeping information for a web development agency, which is what computers do. The files that make up websites are stored on servers. The computers link to the Internet, which is a more extensive network.

“Clients” are the tools for accessing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. “Browsers” are the software programs that access the World Wide Web.

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Web Development Services


Web Development

Using latest technology and industry experience, our full-stack developers develop successful websites in diff programming languages with universal standard programming and database architecture.


E-commerce Website Development

A robust eCommerce website serves as the baseline of your online retail business, and Wama Technology understands the importance of utilizing the latest technology to magnify profitability.


PHP Web Development

Our PHP web developers code with strong MVC architecture,newest coding standards & best practices and thus they are immune to every kind of security risks.

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Multimedia Applications
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Entertainment Applications​
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business Applications
Business Website
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geo location Applications
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Educational Website
news app Applications
News Website
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Travel & Tourism Website
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Weather Website
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Fitness Website
on demand Applications
On-Demand Website
Types of Web Development

First-End Web Development

Front-end writers, on the other hand, focus on the part of a website, app, or piece of software the end customer uses. They are in charge of making the style, interface, custom web design and images of the site, as well as everything else that makes it look good.

User experience designers are essential to projects because they make tools that help users reach their goals.

Full Stack Development

“Full stack” developers are responsible for the website’s user experience and core technology to claim themselves as the best web development company. They can start from scratch and make their website, game, or software. The “stack” is the group of tools that work together to create a single website work. This includes parts like the server and the customer interface for customized experience.


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    Full-stack coders are in high demand, but they must have worked in the field for years before being considered. Because they know everything about what makes up a web service, they can improve speed, predict problems, and teach their co-workers.

    Desktop Development

    Desktop application developers know everything there is to know about making software that runs on your device instead of through the Internet through a web browser. When creating customised software that works online and off, these programmers’ skills often combine with those of website design company because the software can be used online and off.

    Embedded Development

    Embedded developers work on anything that isn’t a computer, or at least what most of us think of as “computers,” which are machines with a screen and a keyboard. This has many uses, from electrical connections and household goods to the Internet of Things and real-time systems.

    As networked products like intelligent appliances, Bluetooth, and digital helpers become more common, embedded software is becoming a more in-demand area.

    Security Development

    Developers who focus on making web site designing company and great security make processes and steps to ensure that software and online services don’t have flaws. As ethical hackers, these coders often try to “break” websites to find holes in their security. They safely do this, though. Also, they make machines that find security flaws and fix them.

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    How Is a Website Created?

    You’ll learn about the most popular computer languages and content management system choices in the following few lines. You’ll also get an overview of how websites are made.

    1. Create a scheme– Before setting pen to paper or fingers to computer, it’s essential to start talking with teams and people from all over your company to make a plan for your website. You’ll need to talk to people on your web development, marketing, and business teams to get the information you need to set your goals and make good choices.
    2. Build a rough outline- A well-thought-out plan is the key to making a website work. Instead, it should be an account of your dream website that the coders you choose can use as a guide. You can map your ideas using a blackboard, chalk, or tools like Invision, Slickplan, or Mindnode. Wireframes show where things like text and pictures will go on each website. You can see your text’s look on the live page using empty boxes. By making wireframes together, you can help your writer know what you have in mind for the result.
    3. Make a plan for the site- Next, you need to set up a sitemap, which is not the same thing as the sitemap.XML, a type of XML file that makes it easier for search engines to scan and find files. If an investor reads your business plan, they may get a sense of your goals and results, and if a developer reads your website, they may learn how to put your idea into action. Sitemaps can be made by themselves or with the help of the site’s writers.
    4. Create the site’s backend- Creating the code for a website development or a website development agency may be one of the most complex parts of building a website, but it is by no means the only one. You’ll also have to build the site’s framework and interface, as well as create it. The back end manages and stores data, which makes it possible for the front end to show off what it can do. For example, the Facebook server saves my pictures, which are then shown to my friends by the Facebook app. 
    5. Construct the user interface for your website- If you’ve played in web design or made a website using a tool like WordPress, Squarespace, or Google Sites, you already know a little bit about front-end web development. The front-end feature of your website is a big part of what viewers, customers, and other users see and do on your site. Front-end programming, which is also called “client-side development,” uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS a lot. It takes care of navigation, layout, fonts, styles, and things like browser support and speed. This part should look more like your original site design and the features you put in your outline. Compared to backend development, changes in technology and user habits make client-side code go out of date more quickly. The code tools we list below might be helpful in situations like this.
    6. Obtain a website address- Your website will now have an IP address that was given to it. You’ll also need a domain name, which people will use to find your website online. Sites like GoDaddy and Hover may already be familiar to you. With these web app development services, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) makes it easier to register a domain name. Most domain names can be registered for one year. After that, they need to be updated.
    7. Start up the website- When you’ve acquired a domain name and tied it to your web server, you’re almost ready to share your work with the world. But wait, you need to ensure a few more things are in order before making the news public. A lot goes into “flipping the switch” and making a website live, like assigning tasks to your team, checking it carefully for bugs, making it search engine-friendly, and giving it a final look-over.


    In the world of technology and development we need to be updated every now and then. We at a web design company are here to help you in your growth. We deal in multiple services ranging from IOS App Testing, and IOS app UI/UX  to IOS App Development Consultation, mobile apps development and IOS App Maintenance.

    At wama technology we offer cheap and best service to our customers with website development services. Last but not the least we are a web design agency dealing in web application development services. You can also trust us because we are among top web development companies and web design companies in Atlanta.

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