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We assist E-Commerce businesses in increasing revenue and customer reach by combining the best omnichannel presence, user-centric solutions, and know-your-customer tools.

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Our Complete Solutions for Diversified E-Commerce

Online Stores 

We provide device-independent web stores and coupon and drop shipping websites to ensure a positive buying experience for your customers near me and anywhere. As an E-Commerce Website development company specializing in consumer or capital goods, food delivery, media distribution, business, and public services, we handle online store projects of varying complexity and domains.

B2C Marketplace 

We use multi-lingual and multi-currency marketplaces as an ideal medium for sporadic collaboration between sellers and their customers. We assist providers in presenting and managing their offerings optimally, enabling customers to instantly access the most comprehensive set of required services and goods on a single portal via E-Commerce web development services.

B2B Trade Portals 

In a centralized hub, we design feature-rich B2B portals that bring together all trading agencies, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and their subsidiaries. We provide E-Commerce development services to businesses to establish and manage a secure multichannel global trade, build partnerships, create competitive public offerings, and collaborate with local or international traders.

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    Auctions and Bidding Platforms 

    Our E-Commerce website design and android development company assist E-Commerce  businesses in expanding their trading experience by using online auctions and bidding portals. Implemented websites allow their owners to organize multiple auction types, configure bid items, use voice and video streaming during real-time auctions and bidding sessions, and provide end customers with various payment options.

    E-Commerce Aggregators 

    We are ready to provide E-Commerce website development services if you want a solution to bring together multiple vendors and consolidate their offerings under the same hood. We build E-Commerce aggregator websites that allow you to host and manage multiple brands while promoting their services and products.

    Booking and Ticketing Solutions

    We design and implement complex websites as part of our E-Commerce development services to make booking and ticketing activities comfortable and transparent for customers in the United States and worldwide. We pay special attention to payment security, solution performance under high loads, and seamless interaction with third-party services.

    Invest in E-Commerce Development Solutions

    E-Commerce has taken over the internet. Many customers were drawn to shopping comfortably from home because of their obvious benefits. E-Commerce development solutions make products more accessible. It not only allows businesses to reach their regular audience easily, but it also allows them to reach beyond that, thanks to Search Engine Visibility. Companies can also go beyond geographical boundaries to find customers almost anywhere.

    E-Commerce solutions ensure high performance, SEO optimization, and tailored UX at a lower startup cost. Custom or pre-existing platforms can both significantly improve the quality of your business.

    E-Commerce Web Application Development

    There is no second thought that e-commerce web applications provide numerous customer advantages. There’s no need to stand in line, leave your house, and deliver to your door – you name it. They are, however, extremely beneficial to retailers. 

    E-Commerce websites expand customer reach and provide a new channel for reaching a larger audience. E-Commerce websites that have been optimized for SEO can attract customers from all over the world. Anytime, anyplace.

    E-Commerce solutions provide you with a wealth of customer information. Customer knowledge lets you understand your customers’ needs and predict their behavior.

    E-Commerce Mobile App Development Company

    E-Commerce mobile applications incorporate and improve on the benefits of E-Commerce.

    Mobile E-Commerce online apps increase user engagement and attract a loyal following. According to Adobe, 67 percent of online shoppers prefer apps over websites when using a mobile phone. E-Commerce apps are easier to use and usually have a high level of UX.

    E-Commerce apps are more user-friendly and load content faster than websites. Furthermore, applications can function online and offline, providing users with solutions unavailable through websites.

    Build your best E-Commerce platform

    You should define your requirements before developing an E-Commerce platform. Depending on your needs, you can use a custom platform, a pre-existing, customizable platform like Shopify, or a CMS like Drupal or Magento.

    Shopify, the most well-known E-Commerce platform, facilitates the creation of an online store. It has a variety of features and themes that allow for basic customization. It is designed for mobile store app and includes data reporting.

    Custom E-Commerce platforms incorporate most of the benefits of pre-existing platforms while taking customization to the next level. It enables the creation of a website from the ground up, which is useful for businesses with specific requirements or that sell a unique product.

    E-Commerce Development Platform We Use

    We provide E-Commerce website development services using platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and Drupal, each of which has its features. The solution’s experience is determined by the technology you choose.

    Magento 2

    Unleash the power of Magento 2 to empower your online business with a feature-rich, customizable, flexible, responsive, and secure e-commerce store.


    Give your E-Commerce brand the Shopify advantage by creating an online store capable of driving conversions and increasing sales for your company.


    Work with us to create customer-focused, brand-centric, and sales-optimized WooCommerce websites to give your e-commerce business a competitive advantage.


    Give your customers incredible shopping experiences that include the amazing options that Drupal Commerce-specific modules provide.


    Bring new opportunities to your business by utilizing the wide variety of features available on the tried and tested Prestashop development platform.


    Transform the look and feel of your brands by collaborating with the leading E-Commerce website development company and increase your company’s sales.

    Zen Cart

    Highly customizable online stores with your choice of design and payment gateways. Develop engaging online shopping experiences for your customers.


    Change how you approach your users with CS-Cart, a multi-vendor E-Commerce website development framework with over 500 unique features.


    Build Professional Website and Mobile app Developers and BigCommerce as the central framework to provide highly secure, custom E-Commerce solutions.

    Why should you choose Wama Technology for its E-Commerce Development Service?

    Wama Technology understands that each business has unique needs, so we offer custom E-Commerce development solutions tailored to your needs. We ensure that your store is developed with a well-thought-out strategy, a solid technology stack, and a user-friendly UI that provides customers with an exceptional digital experience.

    Experience and Outcome Driven

    We assist brands in understanding the digital role in realizing strategic opportunities and solving real-world business problems while always keeping the customer experience and results in mind.

    Proven, Rapid, Agile, and Trusted Delivery Methods

    Using the agile methodology, we keep you informed at all times. Streamlined delivery and cost-effective engagements tailored to your objectives, timeline, and budget.

    Expert E-Commerce Developers & Consultants

    We are experts in E-Commerce  strategy and development. We create professional-looking Magento experiences that generate maximum revenue for the enterprise.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does an E-Commerce website developer do?

    E-Commerce web developers are essential in ensuring that potential customers can easily navigate your E-Commerce store, find what they’re looking for, and checkout quickly and safely. They use a variety of skills, ranging from backend programming to frontend E-Commerce web design, and their responsibilities vary depending on your store type.

    How do I know what features my E-Commerce website requires?

    Your business model and needs will impact the features and functionality of your E-Commerce  website. Create a list of features your E-Commerce website requires based on your goals and metrics. These must be closely related to your customer lifecycle.

    Do I need both a frontend and a backend developer?

    A backend developer may be more important than a designer if your E-Commerce solution is built on an open-source framework. If you’re using a SaaS platform, you’ll probably need more frontend work than anything else, but you might also need someone who knows how to build APIs. While most SaaS platforms provide a reasonably robust set of apps with pre-built integrations, additional complexity is best handled by a professional.

    E-Commerce Website Development
    Company in Atlanta & Mumbai

    An e-commerce website, service available in Mumbai,
    will not give you a strong brand presence but also gives an instant boost to your sale.

    E-Commerce Website Development

    A robust E-Commerce website serves as the baseline of your online retail business, and Wama technology understands the importance of utilizing the latest technology to magnify profitability. Our E-Commerce website solutions offer versatile features and functionality while remaining agile and complete customization. Wama Technology, a prominent web design company in Atlanta, GA, offers custom functionality that is required to tailor a solution that matches your brand and E-Commerce goals.

    An E-commerce website bespoke your brand. It makes the consumer feel as if it was there. An e-commerce website, service available in Mumbai, will not give you a strong brand presence but also gives an instant boost to your sale. Easy payment gateways, data privacy and security and with so many payment options, have converted E-commerce web development.

    Ecommerce side image

    E-Commerce Website Development

    Websites are now the most important tool to reach your business. Especially, for a very competitive market in USA, Web development, available in Atlanta, is essential to achieve the goal of online marketing success.

    We provide dedicated website and e-commerce development services in Atlanta. With more than a few years of experience in this business, we have gained unmatched expertise and experience. We have worked on the Event website, safety website, social website, education website, travel website, motivational website, food delivery website, real estate website, business website, company audit web portal, health care web portal, e-commerce website, etc.

    We have a team of dedicated web developers in Atlanta who will leave no stone unturned to give you the modern website you always desired.

    We have developed e-commerce and other websites in and around Atlanta, GA for every industry that has operated profitably since then. Our web developers, available in Atlanta, focus on clean, technologically advanced and functional websites that work with SEO standards of all search engines. We completely trust that a strongly developed and a well-designed website can elude huge power to your business – a well-designed website speak eloquently for your brand and can also give your businesses a well-deserved kick-start.

    What we do

    A launching pad for your Products

    A launching pad for your Products

    Our skilled designers develop the best E-Commerce sites to showcase your products, allowing you to expand and grow your business, increasing your sales and expanding your business to the real world.

    Ultimate Growth

    Ultimate Growth

    Transformation-focused development is at the heart of our E-Commerce website design team. By creating a smooth user experience for your visitors we convert visitors into customers.



    SEO-friendly design helps to promote your products across the web. Smooth site organization and optimized pages deliver more qualified visitors while helping you rank for keywords/phrases.

    Update with Ease

    Update with Ease

    Easily administer your E-Commerce  website with a user-friendly content management system (CMS). Quickly regulate pricing, add products and make modifications to your site with ease.

    E-Commerce Services

    New E-Commerce website development
    E-Commerce website maintenance / Support
    Custom e-Commerce website development
    Re-design of existing E-Commerce website

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