Flutter App Development Company

Flutter App Development Company

Build beautiful, high-performance, and exceptional mobile apps in Flutter with one of the world’s most experienced teams.

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A leading Flutter App Development Company

Our Services 

Flutter App Development Services 

We provide Flutter app development services to help you create beautiful and highly functional mobile, web, and desktop applications with native performance and expressive and flexible UI in less time. Our product engineers consult with you, and Flutter developers code your application on the open-source development framework, ensuring a fast loading speed of 60 frames per second..

Flutter App Upgrade

Do you have a Flutter app that you want to improve? We upgrade your Flutter apps by adding new features to keep up with the competition, making them compatible with the most recent iOS and Android version releases, or performing any custom work. Our team analyzes the importance of application scalability and develops a single codebase with clean and commented code, ensuring that your Flutter app is always ready for future enhancements.

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    Flutter Bug Fixing and Security 

    Burned by a flutter development website company that promised but did not deliver? We know how to finish your half-finished project, fix problems, and get it ready to go live. Our Flutter developers use a test-driven approach to identify issues, make your app bug-free, and improve code quality. To make your Flutter app more secure, we improve user data security, account authentication, transaction encoding, etc. We use the most recent Flutter SDK release and official plugins and keep app dependencies secure as a Flutter app development company.


    Flutter App Maintenance 

    Are you looking for a company to manage your Flutter app? We provide app maintenance services to keep your app up to date with the latest trends, improve user engagement, meet market demands, and so on. With your existing app, we provide a new experience for your users. To keep your app running smoothly, our team updates its content, analyses its performance, monitors user engagement, reviews user retention, and takes other corrective actions. We assist you in keeping your existing app fresh, even as time passes.

    Advanced and native mobile application development

    Flutter provides the flexibility needed for native app-like performance. Our Flutter developers are skilled at quickly integrating native features of local devices to achieve the look and feel of a native app.

    Cross-platform app development

    Our Flutter developers have extensive app development experience, allowing them to create secure, scalable, and high-quality web and mobile applications for Android app development and iOS, ensuring high performance and a satisfying user experience.

    Dart Application Development

    With our Dart application development services, you can migrate your applications from current tech stacks to the Flutter framework. Take advantage of numerous advantages and benefit from a team of highly skilled and experienced Dart programmers for quality development.

    UI/UX Strategy Development

    To ensure that you get the desired results, we develop a Flutter UI/UX strategy that works every time and helps them scale their business from visual design to usability and information architecture, and so on. We manage everything following the needs of the users.

    Flutter Security and Compliance

    We recognize the significance of an application’s security and compliance. As a result, to ensure data security and prevent breaches, we use Dart’s crypto and encrypt libraries. Furthermore, we test applications across platforms to ensure compliance.

    Flutter for Embedded Devices

    Don’t limit yourself to the web, mobile, and desktop applications when Flutter allows you to create applications for embedded devices. Get cutting-edge applications with outstanding UI and UX and enjoy increased reach and a higher return on investment.

    Flutter consulting services

    Getting started in the right direction is an important first step. Our Flutter consultants can assist you in evaluating your current setup and developing customized Flutter applications to help you use Flutter to implement a game-changing business strategy.

    Why should you choose Flutter App Development?

    Cost Saving

    Having a single codebase means only coding once (most of the time), which reduces the effort required to develop, test, and manage two apps. In most cases, you can expect to save up to 40%.

    Better Performance

    Unlike hybrid mobile apps, Flutter does not require a bridge to communicate with the underlying OS. As a result, Flutter apps perform just as well as native mobile apps.

    Faster Go-to-Market

    Because you're spending less time coding, your mobile developers can focus on different features rather than replicating them on another platform. As a result, you can reduce your time to market with the same resources.

    Support for an Older version

    Flutter's rendering engine gives it a competitive advantage over other cross-platform tools. As a result, it is compatible with many older versions of Android and iOS.

    Desktop Apps Support

    Flutter for Desktop enables us to compile the code of your Flutter app into native macOS and Windows desktop apps. Your apps will work flawlessly on your Desktop if you create customized Flutter plugins.

    Web Support

    Our developers can use Flutter for Web to bring your Flutter code to web browsers. We can package your existing mobile apps into PWAs and deploy them without having to rewrite them.

    Hot Reload

    Developers can use the Hot Reload feature to see changes in the code on a simulator in real-time. This reduces daily overhead while developing the app and boosts productivity.

    A Little bit about us

    Wama Technology provides various Flutter application development services for mobile, web, and Desktop, leveraging the features of the Flutter framework, the popular mobile cross-platform technology. Our team comprises expert Flutter developers, cross-platform testing and QA specialists, and Material design experts with extensive Dart language knowledge who work around the clock to create beautiful Flutter apps for various platforms. Our team applies their knowledge of the Flutter architecture, which is based on Reactive programming, to develop apps with flexible UI, high and agile performance, and more to assist you in providing quality to your users while increasing revenue.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use Flutter in my existing native app?

    Our Flutter mobile developers can easily integrate your existing app with newly created Flutter libraries and modules. Furthermore, we can use Dart logic to render the module to run in the current app.

    Can we use Flutter for web development?

    Flutter is an excellent mobile and web development framework. Flutter works well with today’s web content, created with standards-based online technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can compile existing flutter code to create a client experience that can be quickly embedded in a browser and deployed to any web server that supports Flutter web.

    Who is a flutter developer?

    A flutter developer is a programmer who uses Flutter to create a cross-platform app with a single codebase available on Android and iOS.

    Flutter Mobile Application Development
    Company in Atlanta & Mumbai.

    Delivering Cross Platform Applications to Enterprises & Startups

    Flutter Application Development Service

    Flutter – Google’s own UI building framework – will help you save cost, time and effort. Our flutter app development offers you applications that run on mobile, web and desktop using a single codebase. It saves you the cost of hiring different teams for each app specification. The common code base developed by our Flutter development team will fit your multiple requirements saving time to launch your app on a iOS or Android platform.

    Our team uses their knowledge of Flutter architecture, which is based on Reactive programming, to build apps with flexible UI, high and agile performance, and more to help you deliver quality to your users as well as to improve your revenue. We collaborate with you from the initial stages to the completion and the maintenance beyond it. Our experience of more than a decade can come handy in making your existing dull projects breathe again.

    flutter application development service

    Advantages of Flutter App Development

    Fast Development

    Flutter means faster & more dynamic mobile app development. We can make changes in the code and see them straight away in the app! This is the so-called Hot reload, which usually only takes (milli)seconds and helps teams add features, fix bugs, and experiment faster.

    Expressive and Flexible UI

    Quickly ship features with a focus on native end-user experiences. Layered architecture allows for full customization, which results in incredibly fast rendering and expressive and flexible designs.

    Native Performance

    Our app developers hand-code Dart and incorporate Flutter’s widgets for cross-platform compatibility, to deliver a native performance with 60 fps, on both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

    Speedy Testing

    Flutter uses a single code base across the platforms. This makes it easy for testers to check the code and expedite the process.

    Our App Development Process

    Understand The Idea

    We work with you to understand the idea and objectives. Then we refine the idea and work through to prepare details specifications.

    Sketch it out

    Create wireframes for each screen, define the user flow and interaction with the software or app so we can create the architecture.

    Make it look good

    This is the design step where we design the concept, graphics, icons and everything in between to define the identity of the software.


    This is the actual development process where we start creating the functionality of the product be it on the server side or the apps.

    test test test

    Our quality assurance team takes your software and puts it through rigorous tests from screens ensuring it work perfectly.

    make it live

    We put make the software ready for your use. In the case of apps, we submit them to the Apple and Google store so you can start using them.

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