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Build cross-platform applications for iOS and Android with efficiency and Speed with the help of React Native Development.

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From raw idea to development, Wama technology covers the entire mobile app development cycle, no matter how distinct or advance your needs are. Wama Technology is perfect mobile app development company in Atlanta, GA & Mumbai having expertise with most recent web and mobile technology. React Native is a pioneering technology developed by Facebook. This JavaScript framework comprises most complex features to deliver cutting edge- app development solutions for Android and iOS.
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Merits of React Native App Development

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Grants cross-platform mobile app development​

It allows you to use the same code for developing both Android and iOS applications. This is the key benefit as it saves development time for cross platform app. React native developer can share ninety percent of the code base between the different platforms.

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There are many more benefits such as rich ecosystem, open source, excellent community support, efficiency in terms of responsiveness, high speed and agility of the overall react native app development process and several others makes it a famous platform for providing hi-end mobile app development solutions.

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Development Time

React Native runs on JavaScript that allows code re-usability for mobile as well as web platforms. With reusable elements, it makes possible for a hybrid app development to deliver native just by compiling to native. Thus, it enables developers to decrease the overall time of app development process.

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Relatively less usage of memory

It is compatible with 3rd party plug-ins and React Native development provides seamless run-time. The lucrative framework, with its well-distinct modules, the 3rd party involvement is made much easy.

React Native App Development Services

React Native App Development​
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Native Developers
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Hybrid App
App Migration
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React Native
Customization Service​

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React Native App Development Company

Since its creation through Facebook, React Native has been well-known and widely used. It is among the most prominent frameworks for cross-platform development that developers worldwide use. One of the best things about React Native is its vast acceptance by the developer community. This programming language can help in solving technical issues at the moment it is encountered.

As a top React Native app development company, We will build your application with various features to create an efficient and flexible digital product. We make what you require promptly with reliable codes that can be used with every element. You can monitor, change, and get support for your software anytime. With our highly trained and knowledgeable team, we provide the highest quality and enhanced user experience. Use our expertise to create distinctive apps with native-like features and cross-platform compatibility.

React Native is an application development framework created by Facebook and includes sophisticated capabilities to build modern mobile applications that are compatible with Android and iOS platforms. It is one of the most popular programming languages being used by developers across the globe. React Native is the ideal choice for developing world-class apps that run on the internet, Android, iOS, and UWP. Here are some astounding benefits of using React Native for app development:

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    Our React Native App Development Services

    Designing Custom
    React Native

    Our team of experts creates custom React Native app development solutions that fit your specific business needs and provide you with a comprehensive workflow. We develop apps for every platform and provide engaging digital products.

    Prototype & Wireframe

    Our talented developers provide an array of possibilities to clients. They only begin programming when they choose one of the wireframe designs. We aid businesses in navigating the digital landscape and provide the case of an interactive design.


    Wama Technology has a vast knowledge of designing and creating widgets for various devices. Our team of developers has extensive experience and expertise in creating dynamic widgets that meet your business needs.

    React Native

    We are a specialist in providing solutions to help with the migration of apps. If you’ve got an app using a different platform, We make the possible use of React Native features with our migration services. This is why we can guarantee a seamless and smooth migration.

    React Native

    In-house, our React Native app development team provides end-to-end app consulting services and helps you develop strategies that produce positive outcomes. We will help your business grow at an accelerated pace through our customized solutions.

    Support and

    Our experts provide prompt tech support and maintenance for our clients following the application’s launch. We additionally monitor the system, ensure it runs efficiently, and aim to correct any issues quickly and without delay.

    Advantages of React Native App Development

    Less expensive 

    If you’re employing React Native, you are only required to develop an application only once in JavaScript. But, an approach that is native requires you to create two applications in iOS and Android by starting from the ground up. 

    Requires Less Time

    One of the most attractive benefits that come with React Native is its short development time. It is easier to speed up the process by using the numerous pre-built components that the framework provides. By utilizing React Native, developers can reduce around 40% of their development cost compared to developing the same application for Android or iOS.

    Open Source

    React Native is open-source and lets developers use its libraries and frameworks at no cost. It also operates with the MIT license, which imposes a few restrictions on how the software can be used and gives developers legal security.

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      Fast Loading

      The principal purpose of React Native is to provide developers with the best possible experience. One of its most appealing characteristics is its slow reload time. Even if the application expands, you will only need a few seconds to save a document and check the changes.

      Massive Developer Community

      According to Statista, React Native is the most popular cross-platform platform with an adoption rate of 42 and has more than 90k stars on Github, and is a popular framework. A widely accessible open-source platform allows framework contributions from every developer, providing all the advantages to developers.

      Close to the Native Performance

      Many people believe that native apps ‘ performance can’t be beaten. Although this may be valid in certain situations, a program using React Native is nearly similar to native apps’ performance.

      It is a critical component in improving performance achieved through native controls and modules. React Native connects to both the OS native components to create an application that can be plugged into the native APIs in a re-usable manner.

      Nearly Native Style and Look

      Users cannot differentiate between native apps as opposed to one that is a React Native application. React Native’s UI, which React Native provides, appears and is like a native experience because of the JavaScript interactions with the environment in which it is native.

      Modular Architecture

      Through the use of Modular Programming, the program’s functions can be broken down into various interchangeable and modular blocks that are free. This process in software allows for flexible development and can also improve the collaboration between the modules to get updates.

      Why Wama Technology for React Native App Development ?

      At Wama Technology, we aim to provide an array of React Native development services to businesses across all verticals. We are committed to technological advancements and employ the latest technologies to develop robust applications that allow companies to expand. Our top developers, designers, and consultants have extensive experience and know-how in developing React Native apps that target particular business models and assist in improving performance.

      Sketch out the complete design and interface in close collaboration with our clients. We also choose the most appropriate technologies and frameworks for the application.We employ an agile development approach and ensure the workflow is smooth. We collaborate closely with our clients and keep them informed on every step in the development process.

      Why Choose Wama?

      Technology with Edge

      We use the latest and the most cutting-edge tools for the job. We go head to head with the competition, you can bet your bottom dollar on us. We put the “awe” in Techn-awe-logy!​

      Value for Money

      We believe in hard work and earning one’s keep, and that every penny is precious. At Wama Technology the rates are competitive and you don’t have to break your bank to afford our services.​

      Customer Satisfaction

      We do not just do the bare minimum and then disappear from sight. We do not rest until we have surpassed and exceeded expectations. You can depend on us for assistance and support.​

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