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If you want to grow your business but don’t have a mobile app, now is the time to start making one. Because mobile gadgets are so common today, it’s no longer enough just to have a website. When you hire our React Native App Development Company, we don’t just write scripts and make interfaces. Instead, we put all of our knowledge into your React Native apps, giving you a stronger connection with your customers through beautiful UI/UX and robust features.

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From raw idea to development, Wama technology covers the entire mobile app development cycle, no matter how distinct or advance your needs are. Wama Technology is perfect mobile app development company in Atlanta, GA & Mumbai having expertise with most recent web and mobile technology. React Native is a pioneering technology developed by Facebook. This JavaScript framework comprises most complex features to deliver cutting edge- app development solutions for Android and iOS.
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What is React NativeApp Development?

With React Native technology, programmers can write native mobile development apps in JS. With this method, a single code set can be used to build apps for several devices. This could lower the overall cost of making a mobile app development company and shorten the time it takes to finish your job. Another benefit is that you can use the knowledge of a single team that works on React Native development company instead of two different groups for native mobile app development.

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    Why react to native app development?

    Platform Specific

    The world of smartphones is constantly changing, but you can be sure that your app's features will always be up-to-date if you build it with native code. Scenario: Apple or Google adds a new biometric element to React Native or Android, but the software development kit (SDK) isn't ready yet. Cross-platform apps can't use the latest features when this happens because none of the target systems can handle them.

    Future- Proof and

    If you want an answer that can grow with your business, you could create React Native app. You won't have to worry about changes because Swift is now fully grown and has a strong support base. If you ever need to add or change features in your app, it will be faster to make it for React Native than to use cross-platform tools since you only have to set up one platform.


    Swift is used a lot in the React Native world, meaning Native React Native apps will run faster than their versions on other platforms.


    The React Native application improvement will make it easier for people to use your app. Since native apps are made for a particular platform, the user interface (UI) may only be tuned for that platform. Remember that it's easier and faster to make platform-specific features, like apps or app clips that can change the user experience on iOS. Remember that when an app runs quickly and easily, the user experience is better.

    In-house Transfer

    React-native software is an excellent choice if you want to take the job in-house at some point in the future. If you hire React Native developers as a team can make your work easy, but it might be harder to find good cross-platform coders.aasas

    Dependability and

    It's important to note that Swift is now the most advanced cross-platform language. Apple's backing for the language shows that it can be counted on for better community support, development resources, and general security.

    Since React Native is an open-source platform, there is a good chance that other writers and members of the community will be able to help you solve and fix problems with your project. The time it takes to make React Native apps is cut down by the hot updating feature, which lets writers see how their work is progressing in real-time.

    What is the secret to our success?

    Business Intelligence

    Based on our decades of experience working with some of the most well-known names in the world, we offer essential business advice and know-how.

    Delivering Results

    Over 2000 React Native apps, mobility solutions, and digital transformation platforms have been spread by our company to millions of users. This makes us the world’s largest provider of mobile app creation services.

    Unbeatable Team

    Our team comprises artists, writers, and business experts who grew up with computers and are committed to making new solutions.

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      Want to make an app? Want to know mobile app development cost? Contact us.

      Fast Loading

      The principal purpose of React Native is to provide developers with the best possible experience. One of its most appealing characteristics is its slow reload time. Even if the application expands, you will only need a few seconds to save a document and check the changes.

      Massive Developer Community

      According to Statista, React Native is the most popular cross-platform platform with an adoption rate of 42 and has more than 90k stars on Github, and is a popular framework. A widely accessible open-source platform allows framework contributions from every developer, providing all the advantages to developers.

      Close to the Native Performance

      Many people believe that native apps ‘ performance can’t be beaten. Although this may be valid in certain situations, a program using React Native is nearly similar to native apps’ performance.

      It is a critical component in improving performance achieved through native controls and modules. React Native connects to both the OS native components to create an application that can be plugged into the native APIs in a re-usable manner.

      Nearly Native Style and Look

      Users cannot differentiate between native apps as opposed to one that is a React Native application. React Native’s UI, which React Native provides, appears and is like a native experience because of the JavaScript interactions with the environment in which it is native.

      Modular Architecture

      Through the use of Modular Programming, the program’s functions can be broken down into various interchangeable and modular blocks that are free. This process in software allows for flexible development and can also improve the collaboration between the modules to get updates.

      How do we Work?

      Project Evaluation

      Business analysts from our company will look at your company’s goals and the needs of the people you want to reach. 

      Prototypes and wireframes

      Wireframes and mockups will be made based on the need to show the user’s experience as correctly as possible.

      App Architecture

      As soon as the framework is approved, our team will start working on the app’s architecture and the database’s design.

      App Development

      We’ll make a reliable and secure React Native app for your business that meets Apple’s requirements.

      Quality assurance and testing

      Our goods go through a lot of testing and quality control to ensure they give users a great experience by getting rid of bugs and UI elements that need clarification.

      Support and deployment

      We’ll set up and make the React Native app development available to your team. We also offer help after the release based on what you need.

      Will my app's design and functionality be preserved while using React Native on both React Native and Android?

      React Native is not responsible for making sure that the two systems work well together. Both React Native and Android app development have tools that aren’t available on the other. React Native’s only main goal is to give React developers access to the native components that are already loaded on mobile operating systems like React Native and Android.

      We could do some extra work by hiring React developers to ensure the apps look the same on all systems, but we shouldn’t. To make sure the user experience works with the platform, we must follow its strict rules when creating it. We’re lucky that React Native makes it easy for us to change the UI to fit the needs of the target platform.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Question 1: Is it possible to utilize React Native on both desktop and mobile?

      Ans- With React NativeWeb, a React Native app can be made from a single file. This saves time and work that would have been needed to create and handle two different codebases for mobile and web apps. Their tools for the web will look and work a lot like their phone apps.

      Question 2: When using React Native, how long does it take to create an app?

      Ans- The React Native JavaScript tool lets programmers make apps that look, work, and run almost as fast as native apps. It’s made with the same primary user interface features that most React Native and Android apps have. You need to use JavaScript and React to assemble these already-made parts.

      Question 3: Do any major corporations use React Native?

      Ans- React Native is used by many companies, like Walmart, Microsoft, and Tesla. Read this post to find out more about the big companies all over the world that have started using React Native. We’ll also talk about the most famous apps made with React Native technology and the best things about them.


      Wama, a last stop to your app development. Once you have reached us you don’t need to move anywhere as we are always ready with our versatile team for your service. So whenever you are looking for react native app development company, just approach at Wama Technology and leave everything on us.

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