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In today’s Generations, In the Transport Industry, Technological Innovations need to be created as it is become key necessity to work online on a smart device and expand the business of each and every company.

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Mobile Apps for Transportation

We integrate advancements of mobile technology along with the core aspects of the transportation industry in our customized logistics software solutions. Our holistic approach enables you to simplify complex and highly challenging transport and logistics business processes. 

At Wama, we strive for developing bespoke transport and logistics mobile app that nurtures your business while facilitating you to overcome every operational hurdle. It’s time to include enterprise mobility to address ever-changing requirements of transportation and manage all the activities with our quality app development services

What we give

Feasible Architecture

Our most feasible Architecture allow you to access website at any place and at any point of time.It also allows you to operate website in an easy and Flexible manner.


Security of the system

Security is the major concern in any part of field. With the help of the credentials page provided to you,Your system,data and credentials would remain secure.


Flexibility  For You

Our engagement models are designed to offer you the complete flexibility of hiring developers as per your budget and project requirements.


Global Presence

Our presence in five countries including the US and UAE opens the doors of new business opportunities for you with our customized solutions.


Pool of consultants

Our strength is a pool of experts from diversified culture and technologies that enables us to deliver your projects on time on any platform.


Mobile App Development Experience

We have delivered over 2500 mobile projects to date that have rendered great ROI to the clients while addressing their business requirements.

Feasible Architecture
Security of the system

The transportation business is ludicrously difficult with many permits that fluctuate from place to position. It solely falls to reason that creating mobile enterprise applications for the transportation industry is additionally an advanced affair. At AIS Techno labs, we tend to confirm to draft excellent mobile apps that cater to each convenience and necessity. Our team of excellent developers works night and day to make the right custom solutions as per your business desires. the most effective half is that we tend to defy difficult comes by principle and that we attempt to surpass new things. So, making custom solutions isn’t very a giant deal for North American nation.

The best mobile enterprise applications for the transportation industry focus on safety and performance at constant time. Sacrificing one for the opposite isn’t what we tend to do at AIS Techno labs. Also, our apps square measure designed to be extremely versatile and permit for an enormous vary of options. The comprehensive development of the business is very keen about a digital presence recently and that we confirm to produce solely the most effective solutions. The sheer expertise that AIS Techno labs techies will offer you with is off the charts. Here square measure a number of the highest options that you just will expect from North American nation during this industry:

Supply Chain Management

Maintaining inventory and also the entire provide chain is currently simple and might be done from one dedicated dashboard. Get one enterprise mobile application that takes care of business with seamless performance. The period of time pursuit and business knowledge will create provide chain management heaps easier for transport enterprises.

Efficient Strategies

Coming up with time management supply information, and delivery ways is not any longer a problem. With the seamless integration of the app with third-party plugins, it’s straightforward to come back up with fast and economical business ways. the simplest half is that every one the information that’s needed to form such choices square measure obtainable within the app itself.

Improved Communication

Having a centralized information and app for the business improves communication at intervals the organization and gets work done abundant quicker. At identical time, client care executives will keep the purchasers updated with period of time information and resolve issues abundant quicker. this protects plenty of your time and cash for the business

Flexible Hiring Options

Having all the pertinent knowledge at your fingertips makes it simple to rent individuals. At any purpose in time, the budget and every one alternative variables square measure identified. As a result, the employees and budget demand are often analyzed quickly for hiring selections. Also, the complete method is swish as all necessary personnel are often updated via the app itself

User-Friendly Interface

While a strong back end is always an important factor in enterprise apps that is not all there is to it. The easy User Interface makes it simple for customers to use and recommend the services directly from the app. Everything on the app is always one click away and this creates a great user experience for customer retention

Bullet Proof Contracts

Our development team is not the only all-star staff that we have. Our legal team will draw up a superb Service-Level Agreement (SLA) to benefit all parties. We also offer an iron-clad Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your privacy and data. This ensures great service on our part and the ability to maintain trade secrets forever

Flexible Environment Options

The enterprise app can be developed to suit any environment at all. There is an option for developing a hybrid app that can accommodate Android, iOS, and Web at the same time. There is also an option for native app development. Based on the requirements, the same app can be made available to everyone

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