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Our PHP web developers code with strong MVC architecture, 

newest coding standards & best practices and thus they are immune to every kind of security risks.

Working with Wama Technology
for the Best in PHP Web Development

PHP is widely used for developing dynamic web pages and custom web applications. PHP has been used on 25 million websites and is installed in over 1 million web servers since its development in the 1990.

Success of each web site depends on many factors together with usability, programmer friendliness, flexibility, cross-compatibility and security. Wama Technology, a mobile app & Website development company in Atlanta, GA tends to perceive that your web site wants rather more than development. With skilled PHP web development team of expert professionals, Wama Technology has worked on quite a thousand PHP web development services & has achieved concrete results for our customer base.

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How our PHP web application development helps our customers

Being a mobile app development company and website development company, Wama technology understands core requirement of your business accurately. Our knowledge of the latest technologies and the ability to foresee things that would be needed in future evolves your website. You will have no dreads once you are with us

Tailor made PHP website design and development delivering high performance, aligning open source platforms for stable functionality and scalable PHP web application.

Our PHP web developers code with strong MVC architecture, newest coding standards & best practices and thus they are immune to every kind of security risks.

We have an assembled database for PHP web application requirements for majority of the social networking & e-commerce websites, CMR & CMS, advanced and accounting payment gateway applications.

We count on agile development to make the development process more quantifiable in terms of results & flexible for future changes along and that too within your budget.

Resolving issues in the fastest manner and ensuring smooth functioning is what our website development company provides you.

Why PHP for web application development

 PHP programming language is widely used for the website and web application development. It is a server-side scripting language which runs on a web server and which is designed for making dynamic pages and applications.


Most of the users leave the website if it takes more than 3sec to load. Hence, the PHP web developers have to explore ways to keep the visitors engaged by gaining the website loading speed. PHP comes with JIT (Just in time) engine which compiles the PHP code into machine language for better fetching results.


PHP web development works well with UNIX, LINUX, Mac, and Windows and interfaces perfectly with Apache and MySQL. The language is complete for cross-platform development, which adds to its performance as a cost-effective programming language.


PHP surfaces as the language which allows its code to be easily embedded into HTML language, static websites into new, active one.

Open Source

PHP is an open-source language, different editors can be used to write the code, and it can be combined with different libraries for graphics and special effects.

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