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Wama Technology is ready with a team of experts skilled at Payment Gateway Integration quickly and flawlessly. Wama Technology have so many methods of integrating of payment getaway for you business  

1. Another solution of accepting payments inside app for goods and services is

Authorize.Net processes card and ACH payments for corporations from tiny and medium-sized merchants. It offers fraud protection services, continual request subscriptions, and straightforward checkout choices. For developers, it provides an application programming interface (API) and packages development kits for mechanical man and iOS. Its Virtual Terminal and Invoice options will method manual payments. It conjointly offers continual requests and a plugin for the mixing with Authorize.Net, and technical support is offered for merchants.

Because doesn’t have SDK like PayPal, we tend to had to make a server API element so as for purchasers to derive the best get pleasure from this service. the data entered on the iOS application is shipped to the server, and the server takes care of all dealings process with; returning the confirmation code & validation.

There is another app that sells “Mini image Album” wherever we tend to used the payment process, however, thanks to NDA we’re unable to administer you the universal resource locator of the app, though the app is carry on App Store.

If PayPal or won’t work for you, we will conjointly style your payment entranceway integration victimization WePay, BillDesk, PayWay, Stripe, Braintree, Square, Dwolla or the other master card process API.

Authorize.Net has the foremost customers of any payment processor and has been represented in a concert of a lot of senior players within the payment process business, retentive a “decent portion” of the industry’s market share.

Recently revealed updates associated with the protection. here is that the Update Authorize.Net Direct Post from MD5 to SHA-512. kindly change your Magento admin configuration and applying the patch.

2. PayPal iOS SDK

The new PayPal Checkout SDK supports a light-weight client-side integration for mobile apps.

It provides AN in-app expertise with the choice to recollect users for quicker checkout. you’ll be able to set up the SDK to show a native pay sheet or a browser-based PayPal Checkout expertise.

The SDK is presently in beta unleash and acceptive pilot merchants. If you’re inquisitive about integration the expertise, share your contact information and the PayPal team can reach dead set you.

Before March 2013, Apple collected a half-hour commission on payments created through their system. however, on March 2013, PayPal introduced a brand new mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables iOS app developers to integrate PayPal checkout and mobile master card payment mechanisms directly into their apps.

This means you’re not redirected to the campaign browser on the iPhone to complete their transactions once they click on the PayPal icon. With this new SDK users pay while not ever effort the app. The new PayPal SDK additionally presents users with a straightforward UI that features credit card scanning and uses a signal of the payment system, therefore, you don’t get to worry regarding PCI compliance. Our app development team will generate reports and proof of payment/receipt reports with very little effort, however, for people who would like or wish this selection.

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