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Wama technology has transformed into modern app development solutions for leading businesses in India through a succession of years of expertise. It is in the renowned Android app development company in Mumbai. We are specialized in developing Android apps for B2B and B2C businesses. We provide complete App development solutions for all types of Industries. You may have a goal of taking your business to the next level and improving its visibility in the eyes of your customers by making it available through user-friendly Android apps. So here we are, with the best qualities for creating the best Android app for you.

Our Development Team is proficient in both native and hybrid programming languages. We provide Android App Design services for various industries, including gaming, social media, universal health care, sports, transport, lifestyle, versatility, entertainment, education, and many more. Our Android App Development Company in Mumbai offers the most up-to-date integrated flawless apps that are functional and integrate appealing features relevant to your business. We sustain the same standards of quality as an Android App Development Company. We provide comprehensive end-to-end services so that our clients can see how their unstructured ideas were transformed into an incredibly well-developed and designed App.

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Android & iOS APP Development

To attract the attention of more potential customers, every entrepreneur must compete with creativity. It is because the ultimate goal of any business is to generate revenue. Furthermore, the advancement of the Android development platform provides entrepreneurs with a cost-effective and scalable opportunity to develop apps.

As part of today’s modern technological age, Android mobile applications have influenced most industries. Even though iOS is a popular platform, the following are why Android development is by far the best and most popular platform for businesses.


  • A good user interface (UI) is essential to the achievement of any mobile application. If you use Android application development for your platform, you will create application forms that are simple to use and personalized.
  • It is critical that your mobile application is well-protected and that there is no risk of security breaches in the data it stores. Android app development is based on Linux, ensuring the security and better control of any mobile app on PlayStore.
  • There is almost no technology that can be embedded with or to an Android application today. The technical abilities of Android app development are virtually limitless.
  • Android provides more customization options based on your industry’s needs and industry trends. Developers easily modify apps to make them more modern in features and functions.
  • While separation presents challenges for developers, it also presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses. Neither operating system powers systems in every product category, trying to imply a large market at one’s disposal.

Android App Development Process


All of the foundations for the subsequent process are arranged during the same stage. That process includes the buyer persona’s demographics, behavior patterns, and goals in the initial app analysis because all subsequent app creation stages will depend on these user traits.


To determine whether the application’s concept is technically feasible, Our best app developers access public data via public API sourcing. If the original functionality is not feasible, the team may have a different app idea by the end of the feasibility testing.


The Android interface design team will work on this stage. To ensure that all bases are covered, the Android App developers will double-check all specifications based on wireframing. The design stage is the most critical, as it requires continuous feedback from your Android app development partner.


We provide on-demand apps with reusable codes. At this stage, our Android app developers will focus on the app’s user interface (UI), in which several methods are being used concurrently to code the app’s usefulness.


At each stage of the process, our QA team performs regular checks. Even though most of the Android app development process is replaced by automation, we want to ensure that there are no bugs in the software. This feature is included in our Android application development service as part of the overall procedure.


We’ll set up an account with Google to grant you complete ownership of the app, including software rights. Like most cases, this takes about 2 days. The main reason for this is that Android app quality is based on Google guidelines.

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Why Wama Technology For Android App Development?

Wama is a leading Android app development company in Mumbai and has combined years of experience working with platforms such as PhoneGap and Cordova and native iOS and Android development. We create personalized mobile applications for various customers all over the world. 

Wama excels in the customization, development, design, testing, and launch of Android apps. Because of their years of experience and industry trust, our experienced, problem-solving team can provide unique and up-to-date updates. We create apps and engage in custom Android App Development and Mobile App Design to meet business goals and provide great user experiences, all while sustaining time-efficient and cost-effective procedures for our customers

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