8 Best Fintech Apps (Cost of Fintech App Development)

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The term “fintech” refers to a sector that merges the traditionally separate industries of finance and technology. In a sense, technological elements contribute to the “digitization” of all payment systems. The growth of e-commerce and the success of financial institutions offering digital loans and insurance policies are all boosted by the presence of this sector.

As a result of the Indian government’s demonetization policy in November 2016, the country’s financial technology sector saw a significant uptick. The decision, eliminating more than 85 percent of cash in circulation, compelled conventional businesses to adopt digital methods to maintain customer service. It boosted already popular finance apps like PayTM and MobiKwik and spawned a slew of new entrants.

Here is a selection of successful Fintech Apps in various markets.

  • Nubank

When it comes to keeping tabs on bills and deposits, Nubank is one of the top fintech applications. Spending can be sorted into several categories with the use of classification. To offset some of the costs, customers can use Nubnk reward points.

The app gives users real-time access to their Nubak rewards, savings amount, and credit card balances. With a worth of over $10 billion and 12 million customers, Nubank is the world’s sixth-largest financial institution (from Brazil only).

Nubank’s main features include its rewarding pint programme, users’ ability to save whenever they choose, relevant blogs, its status as the only credit card provider that does not charge an annual fee, and more.

  • Chime

If you’re looking for a popular and rapidly expanding finance app in the US, look no further than Chime. This service has no hidden fees associated with managing user savings or paying bills. This is the finest tool to use if you want access to various automated saving options.

By automatically withholding 10% of the reward, the software encourages users to put their attention where it belongs: on saving. The money will be transferred to the user’s account later.

The mobile app has all the necessary facilities, including sending money to friends and family, no minimum balance, real-time transaction notification, and no overdraft. It is, therefore, one of the top fintech apps.

Chime’s unique features include depositing checks instantly, paying no monthly or other hidden costs, using various mobile payment apps, transferring money to loved ones without incurring fees, and more.

  • Revolut

Use Revolut to keep your finances in order. Real-time alerts are sent out whenever funds are withdrawn from a card. Using this app, you can set a monthly spending limit and monitor your actual spending on specific categories of goods and services.

Users can send money abroad using the app’s real exchange rate support for more than 150 currencies.

Furthermore, Revolut is one of the top fintech apps for buying, selling, and holding bitcoin, the cutting-edge development in the Fintech sector. As well as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP are all accepted.

  • Mint

Use Mint, a free programme that tracks spending and saves money, to keep track of your money and budget in one convenient place. It’s the best financial technology software out there, period. It tracks user spending and recommends where and how to cut costs.

All of a user’s financial information, including credit card balances, investments, invoices, and more, may be managed within the app. Combining bill paying and savings management helps users better stick to their financial plans. Customers benefit in the long run from reduced expenditures and labour.

  • MoneyLion

This app connects users with lenders and financial advisors that can help them with their finances. It paves the way for individual financial planning, asset management, savings, and credit.

Customers can use a free checking account, an investing account with complete management, a cash advance with no interest, a loan with an attractive annual percentage rate (APR), a credit-building service (Credit Builder Plus), and a cash incentive of up to 12 percent.

MoneyLine, one of the top financial technology apps, offers convenient, cost-free ATM withdrawals from any 55,000 locations. The software is also helpful for keeping track of financial goals and budgets. MoneyLion Plus subscribers are the only ones who can use the tracking tools.

  • Robinhood

Download the Robinhood app and start trading stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more. To compete favourably with other financial institutions, the app uses cutting-edge technology that reduces the percentage.

By trading with no commission, users can save significant money. Robinhood is a commission-free stock trading, equities, and options trading app supporting Bitcoin and Ethereum. As a result, the software facilitates the responsible investment of user funds in the market.

Before adding a new cryptocurrency, stock, or investment to your portfolio, ensure you’ve read all the accessible information. The software provides users with real-time market data for selected cryptocurrencies, coins, or options and pushes notifications whenever there are updates.

  • N26

N26 is a Berlin-based app for managing money that provides various customizable, transparent, and lightning-fast features for controlling your finances. It has the potential to be the best online bank because managing your money is as simple as tapping a screen.

With this infusion of finance, the business was recently valued at $3 billion, a 300 percent increase from its previous valuation of $1 billion. The app has surpassed Revolut, Europe’s most treasured mobile bank, in light of its strong financial standing.

With N26’s Spaces, automatic spending report creation, MOneyBean’s immediate fund transfers, and fingerprint and facial identification security, users can better manage their finances and meet their financial objectives.

  • Coinbase

The app’s main feature is a cryptocurrency trading platform. This guide helps newcomers to cryptocurrencies by describing the necessary resources. Coinbase facilitates creating and managing cryptocurrency portfolios for investors of various experience levels.

Coinbase, a FinTech company, offers a secure platform for trading and storing cryptocurrencies. The software allows users to engage in bitcoin cash games, bitcoin mining, bitcoin games, bitcoin trading, litecoin games, blockchain games, and Ethereum games, all of which are relevant to those interested in crypto investing.


Both established finance companies and up-and-coming businesses that would like to build on the success of a high-quality fintech apps can benefit significantly from the income opportunities afforded by building your money lending app. For a high return on investment and multiple features like real-time balance checking and banking-related activities, choose a Mobile app development company like Wama Technology. When developing e-wallet apps, Wama Technology is among the finest in the business.