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Der Auto Checker helps the valued customer to buy and sell the vehicles with confidence. In this app the customers can view the car history by entering their license number plate and can view the previous history details of the vehicles. It is very convenient for all customer to see the history of the vehicle , at the time of selling and buying.

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About free little mind

Der Auto Checker, checks the vehicle history reports are the only reports that summarize vehicle history records in one easy to understand the previous records. User only has to take picture of the license plate and with the help of the app the data which is centralized store on the server, it retrieve data of the vehicle and user easily view the previous old history of the vehicle.

Some features of this App

Report and Accident

User have to create a report in this user has to enter vehicle details such as chasis number, made in year, Manufacturer details, Enter City, Postal code, Date, description of vehicle, accident report, airbags triggered and upload car pictures.

Vehicle history

User can easily view vehicle history ,in which if the vehicle has some accident history. user can view that what type of impact of accident did the vehicle face before.

Hassle free registration process

In the registration process ,user can register their vehicle with all vehicle details and the time of some incident of accident or rules breaking fine, the user can view in that previous history how much fine is applicable to the particular user.

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Impacted Vehicle

In this, which vehicle is impacted and type of accident or fine issued on particular vehicle all details is uploaded and it can view by all users. At the time of buying user can view all the this details before buying any vehicle.

Easy to Upload Data

Impacted vehicle data is uploaded to a centralized server in which when a user want to view the history of the vehicle. they can easily view by entering register vehicle license number and all the vehicle details is displayed.

Track of Impacted Vehicles

User can view the previous old history of vehicles and can keep a track of that report in which particular vehicles is impacted with accident and which vehicle has issued heavy levied fine.

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