Effective code review tips in android applications

Effective Code review tips for android applications

If you are hoping to improve the nature of your code and save time for your Android applications, at that point it’s of most extreme significance to direct a reasonable code survey.

Nonetheless, presenting a code for the survey can end up being a distressing occasion. For what reason would it not? Uncovering your diligent effort to analyze can be unnerving paying little heed to the business. Be that as it may, a code survey can likewise be an extraordinary action for learning and improvement.

While each venture will vary on what’s generally essential to survey, there are some critical components to consider in the event that you need your code audit to be pretty much as viable as could be expected. How about we investigate:


  1. Check for Code Standard Compliance

A low-quality code leaves space for weaknesses that could be effortlessly misused. Hence, it gets significant to check against code standard consistency. The absolute most ideal approaches to do that incorporate defining objectives to catch explicit measurements utilizing a thoroughly examined consistency agenda.

After you distinguish consistency related issues, you can stretch out measured input to the engineer, for example, the pace of deformities, and the number of blunders discovered per code line.


  1. Code Reuse

At the point when you reuse a high-caliber, dependable, and secure code, it can assist with disposing of any new crashes while underway. Reusing a code can likewise help in rearranging the coding for your Android application. Moreover, it can likewise help in sidestepping hacking occurrences.

Truth be told, a new report directed by the Singapore The board College found that code reuse procedures, for example, return-arranged programming or article situated frameworks, are useful in avoiding figuring out strategies programmers influence to repackage Android applications with unsafe code.


  1. Document with Clarity

For a coder, solid documentation is of most extreme significance. Great documentation assists keep with following all parts of an application and it upgrades the nature of a product item. In addition, it helps being developed, support and information move to different engineers.

On the off chance that code is altered or changed, it’s basic to refresh all significant documentation (README, g3doc pages, and so forth) Clean documentation encourages quicker application advancement and guarantees that your association saves on assets. Remark for each capacity and remark for rationale squares ought to be a piece of Meaning of Done.


  1. Security

The objective here is to audit the security code for weaknesses and any shortcomings. Deficiently secure coding arrangements or defective business rationale in the interior construction or in the framework’s plan can be the underlying drivers of such issues.

For example, during the security checks, it tends to be affirmed whether a program utilizes HTTPS/SSL for information move between the worker and customer or if the information is encoded. The security code surveys can likewise uncover potential security bugs and concealed secondary passages.


  1. Test Coverage

Test Inclusion expects to find out the adequacy of testing in a subjective manner. Hence, testing early can help us find and fix bugs toward the start of the task life cycle. Seeing which level of code is really covered by unit tests is pivotal during Android code review. It is imperative to put the most consideration on the unit testing business rationale and running UI tests.

70–80% of the tests ought to be unit tests to guarantee the solidness of your codebase, while, 20–30% of tests ought to be useful tests to guarantee that the application truly works.



  1. Implement Localization

In the event that you have a worldwide crowd, it gets basic for your android application to work in a few dialects. This calls for checking support dialects utilized inside the application.



  1. Set Time Limits

Application advancement organizations should plan to survey close to 200 to 400 lines of code each day, says an investigation by Cisco.

The ideal time taken to finish the code audit ought not to be over 30 minutes to 60 minutes. To guarantee you’re utilizing your time effectively, it is viewed as best to number the lines of code you are inspecting.

When you smooth out the cycle and breaking point the number of code lines you audit, it gets conceivable to adequately catch mistakes and utilize your time beneficially.



  1. Architectural Patterns

While looking into a code, it is critical to check for engineering designs, their immaculateness, and the rightness of the associations between parts. Start by posing the accompanying inquiries:

  • If this code is following our structural example – MVP, MVC, MVVM, Occasion Transport?
  • Is there an activity being acted in some unacceptable class?
  • Check if the business rationale is decoupled from the view layer?
  1. Anomalies or Error Handling

Blunders are a typical piece of any product. Along these lines, it is significant to consider all potential mistakes emerging from:

  • User Input
  • Server Responses
  • Database Transactions

It causes not exclusively educate the client about what precisely turned out badly in the application yet in addition empowers engineers to distinguish the mistake.

Android mistake dealing with is strong, still, engineers need to get the blunders of the business rationale and handle them smoothly.



The general purpose of leading a code survey is to better the nature of the code utilized for the Android-based application. In any case, without significant recommendations for rolling out proper improvements, the whole action of leading code survey can go to no end. Continuously ensure at whatever point you’re giving suggestions, they are careful and express. Clarify each line of code or blunder that expects changes in accordance with making the code cleaner, more solid, and viable.

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