Factors to Consider before Publishing your Mobile App to your Android/iOS Store

Factors to consider before publishing your android-iOS store banner image

“One puts his heart and soul to create his mobile application. Why not? But, the sad part is that your end-users might not feel the same. You can only realize how successful your mobile app is once it is released and accepted by your users.

However, if you desire to have more users liking your app, then there are few more important steps you should consider before publishing your mobile application to the store.”

App Store Policies and Guidelines

Now it might sound trivial, I mean who will not check it before making an app? But, it is one of the major reasons why an app gets rejected. There are a series of checklists on the android/iOS app store, don’t miss out any step.

Free or Paid App

One of the crucial decisions is if you want to keep your app free or paid. If you have decided to keep it paid, decided on its pricing model.

It is also important to understand if your app requires a paid tag and if it really deserves it.

Extensive Market and Competitor’s Research

The competitive research is the most vital step, it’s time-consuming but still worth it. It’s a part of your development process. This will help you to learn of your competitor’s weakness and strong features.

Conducting the App Testing Before Publishing

Your mobile application should clear the test without any compromise in the quality. It should meet the requirements and expectations of the android/iOS app store. If the app is designed for the iPad or the tablets, ensure that the graphics and the user-experience is flawless. The content of the app should be apt and to the point. It should be attractive to satisfy the needs of the customers.


Publishing a mobile app to the Android or iOS store is an exciting milestone for app developers, but it’s crucial to consider several factors before taking that step. Wama Technology, a trusted mobile app development company, understands the importance of a seamless app launch. With their expertise, they can guide you through the process, ensuring your app meets all the necessary requirements for a successful launch. Trust Wama Technology to develop your couple app and bring your vision to life.

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