How does an app development company estimate the time to build an app?

When clients present a concept for a product, they first want to know how long does it take to build an app? how much it will cost to see that idea through to completion. Moreover, this is information that must be obtained before finalizing the contract. That’s the point of an estimated figure, after all.

Almost all app development firms offer free cost estimates. The cost and time required to execute each task are detailed in the assessment. No one has time for a thorough estimate, but you can acquire a ballpark figure for the project’s cost and evaluate the developer’s competence with some fancy napkin arithmetic. Rough estimates are helpful in this situation.

The smartphone revolution has pushed the limits of digitalism even further than the other revolutions. In recent years, there has been an increased need for mobile app development. Now that information is out in the open, the potential market for an app development firm is much larger. The time it takes to create a mobile app is highly dependent on several factors that must be carefully considered to ensure its success. Let’s dive into this article to see how app development firms calculate app completion times.

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The Calculation Methods Used to Determine How Much It Costs to Create an App

The cost of build apps is something that may be estimated independently. Calculating the total price tag for building an app is as easy as multiplying the total number of hours by the hourly rate. Before beginning development, most companies will provide a ballpark estimate of how much money will be needed for the mobile app.

Typically, there are two primary pricing models employed by app developers:

The Fixed Cost Structure –

Small initiatives with a well-defined goal and schedule benefit significantly from this method. The transparency in app development costs is the primary benefit of this method of calculation. Before any app development ever begins, you already know the total price.

Time and resources –

The adaptability of this pricing method stands in contrast to that of the original plan. It’s typically employed for large-scale endeavors where the development course is uncertain. The cost is generally calculated based on the developer’s hourly rate and the amount of time put into the project.

When creating an app’s timeline, how does a development firm determine how long it will take?

Applications for mobile devices can be broken down into several categories. Today’s app store shelves display a dizzying array of mobile software. There is a wide variety of mobile applications, but they may be broken down into two primary classes at this point:

  1. Analogous (Similar-to) Apps
  2. Customized Apps
  • Analogous (Similar-to) Apps

An analogous (similar-to) app is one in which the client requests development based on the idea/model of an already existing app. As opposed to creating a one-of-a-kind app, the time required to create one of them is much shorter.

  • Customized Apps

It is considered a custom app when it meets the customer’s needs but does not yet exist in the app store’s catalog of pre-made apps. It takes more time to develop this kind of app than comparable apps. Due to the features and functions involved in developing mobile apps, time is needed to construct the varieties above of mobile app development methods.

Timelines for significant phases of creating a mobile app

The apps we see in app stores like Google Play and Apple’s App Store culminate in a lengthy mobile app development process. Time is needed for each step to be carried out and finished successfully. There are some stages in the development of any mobile app that are standard regardless of which app development company is doing the work. An app development firm will often estimate how long it will take to build apps based on how long it takes to complete each phase.

Essential steps in creating a mobile app include:

  • Discovery Process

An app development firm’s primary focus during the app development process is on the research phase. The next major step in mobile app pre-development is designing the plan to build the app. In this step, the visual appeal of the app is refined. Wireframes are created during this phase, which typically lasts for around two weeks, and the design is validated.

Actions are taken during the research phase –

  • User Profiles
  • Value proposition canvas
  • Wireframes
  • Stories From The Users
  • Moodboard
  • Mockups

After identifying a client’s needs, we conduct in-depth market research. Next, we’ll dig into the nuts and bolts of the technology behind the following mobile app. This procedure will take about a week to two of your time.

  • Testing

Mobile app testing is a crucial step in creating a mobile app. It is essential to test mobile apps on various devices and operating systems, such as Android and iOS. There are also many additional types of examination. The testing process often takes a few weeks.

  • Deployment

The final phase of creating a mobile app is releasing it to the public. This procedure usually takes a week or two to complete.

  • Upkeep and Upgrades

The development process isn’t over even after an app has been deployed. The technical front is constantly evolving. Therefore mobile apps must keep up. So, even once the process of creating the mobile app is complete, there will be ongoing maintenance and updates.

The previous estimates for how long it takes to create a mobile app should be seen as just that—approximates. The time required to develop a mobile app varies significantly by the complexity and number of features and functions.


As we’ve seen, the time it takes to build apps is influenced by various technical and non-technical factors. When calculating how long it will take to create an app, we factor in the ideal and worst situations (in case any problems develop). Get in touch with us immediately for a free estimate and consultation on the cost, time, and effort required to create a mobile app tailored to your needs.

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