All You Need To Know About Flutter App Development Cost 2023

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Selecting Flutter for developing and designing your application is indeed a great choice! But are you wondering what are the costs associated with it?

Well, worry not! In this particular blog, we are only going to talk about this question of yours! 

Every Flutter project is unique and there are so many factors that influence the Flutter app development cost. So come on! Let’s dive in to get an estimate of the Flutter application development cost.

What Are The Factors Affecting The Flutter App Development Cost?

Various factors determine the cost of developing an app with Flutter. Some of them are as follows:

✓App Size And Complexity:

The bigger the application, the more time it takes to create, test, and release it. All apps are categorised into high, medium, and low depending on the number and complexity of features.

The complicated applications don’t only need more development time but also more effort for preparation. The developers also need to spend more time on the architecture. And on the development of every single feature.

The features such as ‘login’ do not take much time, but if you plan to implement the ‘chats’ or ‘video conferencing’ in your Flutter application, it will be expensive.

Moreover, the features connected with machine learning and AR need even more time.

✓Application Design:

The other factor that influences the cost of flutter app development is the design of the application. Generally, it does not consume a lot of time to develop a simple design for an app. 

The business tries to make its applications different from its competitors. For that, they add some attractive and engaging elements to make their users spend more time using the application.

If the application is complex and contains interactive elements and animations. The design of the application can take up to 20% of the whole application development budget. These elements are significant for wellness, fitness, e-learning, sleep, and gaming applications.

✓Testing And Maintenance:

Even after the application has been released, you need to keep investing in it. Regular security checks, testing, library updates, operating system updates, new versions of languages, and fixes are all that you need to consistently take care of.

Think about all these expenses before the development begins, and then plan the budget accordingly. The applications that are not maintained and supported continuously lose their relevance and the users as well. Also, all the efforts and investments will go in vain.

Generally, the annual maintenance costs take 15-45% of the initial budget of the application. This depends upon the size of your application and how often you introduce the latest features and updates to it.

What Is The Average Cost Of  Flutter App Development?

Now coming over to the main concern of many people- What is the usual cost of developing a flutter app?

An application development cost depends upon plenty of factors such as the developer’s location, the complexity of features,  supported platforms, and many more.

It is impossible to find out the cost of your project without conducting thorough research and understanding all the needs and requirements. 

At Wama Technology, we carry out a discovery phase to figure out the requirements and desires of our clients.

To give you a rough estimate, you can have a look at the estimates according to different projects:

  • Software with basic features such as a fitness application with meal plans, workout suggestions, and personal profile costs from 26,000 dollars to 34,000 dollars.
  • In addition to this, the flutter app development cost of a middle complexity software such as a messenger with voice calls will range from 34,000 dollars to 48,000 dollars.
  • The cost to develop an application such as Instagram or Facebook with various complex features will cost from 41,000 dollars to 55,000 dollars.

Suggestions To Lessen The Flutter Development Cost

Overwhelmed right now? Don’t worry! Here are a few simple yet effective suggestions from our side to reduce your overall costs of application development.

✓Eliminate Unnecessary Features 

There’s no point in keeping the features that don’t serve any purpose. Having too many features in the application will only make your application heavy. This will lead to an increase in the size of the app, additional costs, and fewer chances of users downloading the application.

Hence, the features must be set as important, or unimportant and can be removed. By doing so, you’ll end up saving your development time and reducing the total cost of application development.

✓Clarify Project Needs and Specifications

Suppose you delegate your project to an application development company without informing them about what the project is all about. In such a case, the overall cost of application development will be impacted.

You must have a document ready before giving your project to the application development company.

✓Test-driven Strategy

Testing is a very crucial aspect of every mobile application strategy. Though, the most basic mistake most developers make at the time of integrating testing is that they only test the Flutter application once it is fully ready for deployment.

Doing so can lead to many errors coming one after the other which are tough to solve in the later stages.

So, a better approach to this is to include testing as an effort from the starting development stages to the end deployment stage. As a result of this, the Flutter app issues get resolved.

And you know what? With Flutter, testing becomes very easy and quick as it comes with inbuilt support for widget testing, integration testing, and unit testing.


Now, we are finally at the end of this blog on ” Flutter app development cost”. We believe you are now well aware of the costs associated with designing an application with the help of Flutter.

The cost of a mobile app is estimated individually depending on the technical stack and business requirements. Nevertheless, Flutter opens up brilliant opportunities for application development at much lower rates and with less effort.

At Wama Technology, which is a leading mobile application development company, we understand your concern. Bringing a new application to life might seem like a very daunting task. Especially, when you have limited resources, less experience, and tough competition in the market. 

But we make it all easy for you. C’mon, ping us right now! We are very happy to assist you.