How much does it cost to develop a DoorDash app?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A DoorDash App?

Doordash is one of the top online food delivery companies, with a nearly 55 percent market share as of March 2022. Other companies, such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, and others, cover the rest of the market. In a nutshell, it is a technology company that empowers local businesses. It was founded in 2013 and has become one of the largest online food delivery companies in the United States.

Compared to other food delivery apps, DoorDash is extremely user-friendly and feature-rich. This explains its popularity and success. Food delivery apps benefit not only users and owners but also restaurant businesses. During this high demand for food delivery apps, the idea of creating an app like DoorDash is enlightening. As a result, we’ve gathered critical and fundamental information about creating an app like DoorDash.

Important Segments of Doordash App

Food delivery apps have a customer app and four essential components: a restaurant panel, an admin panel, a consumer panel, and a courier panel. Furthermore, each interface contains unique features tailored to the users’ needs.

Customer Panel

The customer panel contains functionality that allows users to buy food from stores, restaurants, and cafés. Here are some essential consumer panel features.

  1. Search bar

  2. Restaurant suggestions

  3. Order History

  4. Live order tracking system

  5. Section for reviews and ratings

  6. Transaction methods

  7. Customer support

You can enhance the User Experience and Interface by adding to the above mentioned features. The basic app feature ideas listed above are critical for a successful food delivery app like DoorDash.

Restaurant Panel

This panel requires basic functionality to assist merchants in managing their product history. Merchants prefer user-friendly features that allow them to accept orders and upgrade their menus easily. The features of the restaurant panel revolve around the usability of seeing customers, accepting payments, and tracking the dasher until the order is delivered. The following elements should be included: 

  1. Managing food items and menu

  2. Handling payments for orders

  3. Live tracking system for dasher

  4. Consumer’s profile

  5. Managing orders

  6. Observing reviews

  7. Updating the delivery provider status to the consume

  8. Records of previous orders

  9. Daily analytics

Courier app

Dashers can use the Courier app panel to view complete order details, receive orders, and deliver them to the correct location. This panel has few features to keep dashers from becoming overwhelmed. The courier interface development process is simple due to its minimal features and simple interface.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is regarded as the system’s brain. Because it is the primary platform for evaluating all aspects of app operations. The admin panel tracks payment methods, manages reviews, and so on. Also, double-check the locations of couriers, restaurants, and customers. This interface’s main functions are adding new restaurants, editing information, offering discounts, and tracking locations.

How Does DoorDash Work?

DoorDash is a food delivery app that combines customers, restaurants, and delivery services on a single platform to meet their needs. Regular DoorDash users use this digital platform to search for restaurants, examine menus, read reviews, order meals, and get quick home delivery with real-time monitoring. Restaurants on DoorDash can easily increase their exposure, engage with more customers, and find reliable delivery partners.

The ordering process at DoorDash is simple and completely hassle-free. To find something unique, browse the list of participating establishments or use the search box. Each restaurant specifies a delivery time. The DoorDash app works on both iOS and Android smartphones.

How to develop an app like DoorDash?

Creating an app like DoorDash requires a well-thought-out strategic plan that includes research, app development, app launch, app marketing, and app maintenance. It is critical to follow a step-by-step procedure to reap the benefits of an app like DoorDash.

Start by conducting consumer and market research.

Before developing apps, you should understand the market you’re entering. You can create a research result based on thorough business analysis, competitor analysis, and consumer analysis.

Create a comprehensive plan.

Begin preparing your strategy to work with after you have completed your research. If you hire a Bespoke mobile app development agency, they will plan and strategize for you. Drafting a comprehensive plan entails outlining how the app development project should be guided.

Confirm your platform selection.

An app can be released on two different platforms: Android and iOS. You have the option of using both platforms or just one. The choice is clarified through market research to determine which platform consumers prefer.

Begin the app development process.

App development entails both design and development. Two different professionals typically perform this work. If you use freelancers, you must find the best one for the job. However, the agency has prepared everything for you.

Take a test round

Conduct a testing round to determine which app improvements are required. Also, compare the analytics of the developed app to a drafted plan to determine whether or not the app met the goal of app development.

Release a Beta Version

Launching the Beta version allows you to understand the target audience’s real-world exposure better. The key is to know how your app will perform and feel in the hands of actual users.

Launch the final app

Consider launching the final app after launching the Beta version of the app and improving it based on the results. Consider the research analysis, strategic plan, platform selection, and app testing.

Marketing and Advertising

It is crucial to inform the audience about the app. Mobile app marketing allows you to reach out to your target audience and communicate with them. Using marketing and advertising, you can place the app in the market and leverage a high number of user downloads.

Maintaining and updating the app

It is not necessary to launch an app after it has been developed. Modifications and maintenance in the future should also be considered. The updates could be general due to changes in the comp’s temporary trend or to maintain the app’s functionality to ensure minimal glitches.

Technology Stack for a Food Delivery App Like DoorDash 

  • User Location- Google Places API, Core Location Framework.
  • Find Directions- Google Map, MapKit.
  • Admin Panel- Laravel.
  • Analytics- Google Analytics.
  • Utilities- Twilio Sendgrid, Google Analytics, Stripe, Optimizely, and Segment.
  • DevOps- Github, Docker, Jenkins, WebPack, New Relic, Yarn, and Sentry.
  • Application and Data – Javascript, Python, Redis, Kotlin, Swift, Amazon CloudFront, 

Retool, React, NGINX, CloudFlare, and TypeScript.

  • Business Tools: Jira, GSuite, and AdRoll.
  • Backend Language- NodeJs, Python, PHP, Golang. 
  • Database- Cassandra, SQLite, Firebase, MongoDB, Hbase, cloud SQL.
  • Cloud- AWS, Azure.
  • Caching- Redis.
  • Message Broker- Rabbitmq.
  • Payment- PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Square API, Braintree.

How much will it cost to build an app like DoorDash? 

Most of us struggle to calculate the exact cost of delivery apps like DoorDash. The calculations are based on various stages of development. Several factors determine the cost of developing a food delivery app like DoorDash.

  • Location of the App Develop Company
  • Experience of the App Developers
  • Complication of the App Design
  • Number and Level of App Features
  • App Platform You Choose (Android/iOS/Hybrid)
  • Type of App Development: Clone or Custom App Development

These factors could result in a food delivery app development cost ranging from $25,000 to $100,000.

Final Thoughts 

The most important decision you can make is hiring the best app development company to create your food delivery app, like DoorDash. The best advantage of hiring the right app development team is that they will assist you with the technical aspects of your project and advise you on the business side, as they have a lot of experience working with new startups. Wama Technology has completed over 100 projects for global clients relating solely to food delivery. As a result, our experts are well-equipped to promptly provide end-to-end mobile application development services.