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Lionnex is an app that connects patients and doctors through a secure mobile phone platform. Doctors are able to bring their care to more patients and get paid without the extra overhead. The future is here: simple and seamless healthcare!

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About lionnex app

Lionnex App for Patient and Doctor  is right on your phone and full of features that allow you to access your healthcare without the headaches of a doctor’s place or hospital. When you need to know something about health related as a Patient, the best doctors are there to help though Expert advice. Get the best medical help from a superior specialist near by you when you need it by just searching the doctor.

Some features of this App

Organized Health Records

Lionnex organizes all your medical documents in a digital Document for easy access at all times. Now, patient can manage their health reports, prescriptions, and other medical documents all on one single app. Also Doctor can get access of that reports digitally.

Health Info

In Lionnext Doctor can post AD or Health related Post. Patient can view, like, share Post.

Digital E-Prescription

Each time patient consult with a doctor, Patient get a digital prescription. Patient will get notification of Prescription once Prescription submit by Doctor.

Clinical Notes

Doctor can write clinical notes based on the patient's health condition.

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Prescription Available Status

Lionnex App smart prescription functionality allows doctor to quickly have a prescription sent to preferred pharmacy within minutes. Pharmacist can then send the latest status medicines directly to the patient to Pick up that from pharmacy.

One app for All Specialties

Now, Cardiologist, Plastic surgeon, and a general physician and all accessible from the single app.

Share Profile

Patient can share their Profile with Doctor to easily access all Medical and Personal details of Patient. Doctor can request for Patient Profile. Also Patient can stop sharing their Profile with doctor.

Review your Doctor

Write a doctor review to let others know about your experience.

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