Change how guests share photos of your event make
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Change how guests share photos of your event make the world digital and bring the change by creating or joining the event in the PicShare app and sharing your created event id or joining any event by their event id.

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About PicShare

PicShare captures your timeless moments as seen from your guests/relatives/friends’ eyes. All guests take photos during an event. Instead of you asking and running after them, PicShare will collect and combine these precious moments, as seen from your guest’s eyes and store it in this app.

Some features of this App

Store memories

User can store as many as images as well as videos he wants in google drive as well as dropbox account.

24/7 Support

User can ask for a help at any time if they are facing issue on this app. Solution will be provided as soon as possible.


Event Collection

User can create a collection or join a collection depending upon his personal event or friends/relatives events.

easy access to users

If users want to download images or videos they can download and save it as memory easily using this app.


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