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A Sundo App is Designed especially to reduce the risk of sunburn and skin damage, analyzes your sun exposure. 

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About Sundo App

With hot, sunny weather & cold, winter weather comes the dangers of sunburns and skin damage. Sundo app is the perfect summer and winter safety app to make sure your skin stays protected all summer & winter long.

Besides the current UV index, it also lets you know your Sun exposure time, your Skin Type. The app also comes packed with a lot of other cool sun safety features, like letting you know how much sunscreen to apply based on your size and clothing choice, and highlighting key features of your specific sunscreen via function QR code scanning, Location of near by SMOTspot.

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Some features of this App

Track sun exposure

Monitor your duration of exposure(Sun Exposure Time), UV index.

Find a SMOTspot

On the map locate the nearby SMOTspot machine to get Sunscreen or Moisturizer.

Change Language

Select either English or Dutch language to use Sundo app.

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Find out your skin type

Analyze your skin type by answering few questions related to skin.

QR code scanner

Scan a QR code on the SMOTspot machine to get Sunscreen or Moisturizer by paying respective Payment.

In App Payment

A mobile wallet can be used instead of debit cards, credit cards or money, and a customer can make payment by simply tapping their smartphone or tablet.

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