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“I have worked extensively with Deep and his team at Wama Technology. They are the best. They know what they are doing. Communication, attention to detail is top-notch. Then let’s talk about solutions to issues. They are the best. They take your raw ideas and build it to your specification with little or no guidance or hand-holding. I recommended Wama to whom, who wants to outsource work to India.”

Sylvester O.

United States (US)

“Wama technology helped us to launch our website. We were very impressed by their response time, and energy in helping us build this platform. Shout out to Deep Doshi, who has done a stellar job leading this promising company. Happy to speak privately, if there are any questions.”

Dr. Nishaki M.

United States (US)

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“Excellent company to work with. Very reliable and extremely trustworthy. Have used Wama Technology for various projects and the work has never let me down. Deep is very knowledgeable and his willingness to help and his fast response times make his stand out from other companies. Definitely recommend to others.”

Mark H.


“Deep and his staff at Wama technology has done a outstanding job for our project that connect entrepreneurs and small businesses. They kept me informed throughout the process and worked efficiently. Their knowledge and experience speaks wonders to the satisfaction. They took an idea I had and recreated it on a story board making it functionality for all.”

Christopher H.

United States (US)

Christopher Harrison - Grapevine
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“I have been working with them for a year on App Development. They are very helpful and great company to work with. They make gorgeous products, provide dependable service, and fast to answer questions. Wama Technology simplified a complex process and delivered a product worth the investment. Highly recommend for app and website development.”

Jason W.

United States (US)

“When you step back and look at everything Wama Technology provides, it has everything you’d want if you were building out your own personal safety monitoring app. Instead of it being one part of our stack we have to fight with and maintain, Wama Techonology takes care of everything for us.”

Dr. Ralph K.

United States (US)

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Fernando Pardeiro

“We use Wama Technology they respond quickly and do excellent job. Wama Technology has a great Team and exponential Vision to develop high performance, global digital platforms. Thanks to their professionalism, we were able to create a business from only an initial idea.”

Fernando P.


“I had a meeting with a number of developers, but when I met Deep, he asked heaps of critical questions and demonstrated an insightful understanding of my unique needs, which is new. He told me straight what needed to be done and what could be done in the given time and budget constraints. In fact, they have over-delivered, which is so unusual. I highly recommended Wama Technology to industry colleagues, who have struggled to find a reliable tech partner.”

Fi H.

United Kingdom (UK)

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