Top 10 Mobile app development companies in Columbus

As smartphone technology advances globally, the Mobile App Services industry is experiencing a massive surge of growth worldwide. The modern app industry is growing at breakneck speed, with apps associated with products, games, and other services. Every day, a new app appears to be added to app stores! There is an app for everything, from beauty to e-commerce to social media to file sharing and storage. So, why won’t companies that can afford it try to expand their reach through an app? It is a profitable business, and you can reach out to your customers more effectively with apps. With the recent surge in app demand, locating the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Columbus should not be difficult.

When you find the right mobile app development company, you can Hire App Developers in Columbus to help you achieve great things for your company. The right fit for your company can help you in so many ways! Companies thrive today, with great returns on investment in producing mobile apps. Over 7000 Mobile App Services companies in the American app industry and market are dedicated to developing business apps in particular. Here is a list of the leading App Developers in Columbus. This list will act as a guide to help you learn about the most reliable and experienced Custom Mobile App Development Companies in Columbus with the know-how and expertise.

Big Kitty Labs

Big Kitty Labs, based in Westerville, offers mobile and web app development services to businesses in Columbus and the surrounding areas. For over a decade, the company has served clients in retail, healthcare, finance, and education. It strives to assist its clients in developing software that increases productivity and provides a user-friendly, interactive experience to staff and customers. Big Kitty Labs has experience designing mobile, web, and UX/UI apps. They also offer digital marketing services, including social media and PPC ad management.

Wama Technology 

Wama Technology is a top mobile app development company in USA and India. Wama Technology, with years of experience, believes in providing intelligent and practical web and mobile app solutions based on the given budget and size of operations. We provide complete web and app development services to improve your brand’s web presence. Our skilled team is completely dedicated to providing our clients with convenient, high-quality, innovative, and timely services. Wama Technology has designed and developed over 1200 software and mobile applications. We make every business’s dreams come true by offering a wide range of mobile application development services to our numerous clients, including personalized mobile apps, games, animation, enterprise software, and augmented and virtual reality apps.

Split Reef

Split Reef is a result-driven digital organization ready to assist clients in their quest for digital dominance. Their headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio, and Jacksonville, Florida. Split Reef takes full responsibility for most of its clients’ digital needs, allowing them to focus on core business processes. They are committed to strategically collaborating with businesses to achieve new heights in the digital world. It is a fully integrated digital agency that provides services ranging from creative design to efficient web and mobile development. They direct and carry out client marketing initiatives such as Organic SEO, PPC/Adword Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization. Their highly professional development and marketing staff and experienced Project Managers will collaborate with you to ensure your project is completed on time.

Dash Technologies INC

Dash Technologies Inc. is based in Columbus and provides a wide range of digital services to customers in the city and surrounding areas. The company’s app development team offers solutions for iOS, Android, and web, as well as hybrid apps that are cross-platform compatible. It aspires to create apps that serve as long-term solutions with minimal maintenance. Virtual reality and digital marketing, as well as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, are examples of other digital services. Dash Technologies Inc. has worked with customers in various industries, including healthcare and automotive.

Doe-Anderson Advertising

Helping brands master change is central to everything they do at Doe-Anderson. They have proven that, regardless of the business category, developing deep and lasting relationships with a brand’s core customers is the most efficient way of growing our clients’ businesses. They create highly impactful brand experiences that inspire, captivate, and motivate by taking the steps necessary to truly understand the real passions and motivations of a brand’s most loyal consumers. All of this is accomplished through a variety of traditional and nontraditional strategies. Every day, it works for their clients. 

Red Minnow Interactive, LLC

Red Minnow Interactive is a Columbus-based design and software development firm that creates meaningful digital experiences for our clients. We’ve been creating rich interactive experiences for industry leaders like education, retail, college athletic programs, and museums for over a decade. Our additional technological capabilities, including mobile application development, interactive applications, digital signage, and projection mapping, enable us to provide clients with creative, cutting-edge solutions that stand out.

Digiprima Technologies

DiGiPRIMA provides exceptional data management, performance management, integration, interoperability, data science, and digital engagement to organizations and practitioners. They offer comprehensive technical expertise as well as enterprise IT support. Their software development services include strategy consulting, CX design, engineering, custom product lifecycle management, and system integration. Because technology advances rapidly, they strive to be the additives partner who can deliver performance that keeps our customers well ahead of the competition. DiGiPRIMA is a globally recognized brand-trusted software development company with global service footprints. They are one of the best software development companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South-East Asia.


Waker is a mobile app development firm that works with clients of all sizes, including startups, Fortune 100 corporations, and small to mid-sized businesses. It offers UX design, software development, and ongoing support and maintenance for iOS, Android, hybrid, and web apps. The design team intends to create scalable apps that will be easy to maintain for years. In addition to development, the company assists clients with project and marketing strategies. Waker has worked on projects for various clients in various industries, including TicketFire, Studium, and Irth Utilisphere.

Benson Media

Benson Media is a premier digital marketing firm that also provides IT services. They deliver tested, effective, and innovative solutions that harness the power of the Internet to generate revenue. They put brands on Google Maps and create an optimal presence on the top online platforms so potential customers can see them. Their services assist businesses in doing technology work more efficiently for them.

Software Verde

Software Verde LLC is a Columbus-based software development firm that provides app development services to clients throughout the city and its surrounding areas. This firm develops web, native, and mobile applications that assist its clients in increasing productivity, revenue, and customer engagement. Other services include rapid prototyping, API design, and the creation and management of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Software Verde LLC has completed projects for a diverse range of clients. Mulchify Inventory Management, Dublin Digital Identity, and a local software company with whom it collaborated to create a social network native Android app are among its clients.

Final Thoughts 

In the competitive era of mobile app development, it is critical never to approach a problem with a one-size-fits-all solution. Wama Technology values what makes each of our clients unique! We provide completely customizable developments, allowing you to select your platform, features, and design. We provide iOS, Android, and hybrid app development services to help your business compete in the fast-paced digital world.