Top 10 Web App Development Companies In Kolkata

Top 10 Web App Development Companies in Kolkata

Web App Development Companies In Kolkata

Technology plays a significant role in innovating and taking the world to the next level. Consider how easy it is to find information like Top Website Development Company in Kolkata online these days. This could refer to both knowledge and technology. In terms of technological advancements, the city is charting an unrestricted course as it prepares to accept modern change.

With digital becoming the preferred method of acquiring a product or service worldwide, it is time to embrace it and thrive in today’s commercial world. Those looking to adapt to the changes brought about by modern technology advancement can find unparalleled digital advertising services from the best software companies in Kolkata.

There are several web app development companies in Kolkata, but finding the right one in Kolkata that is both affordable and capable of producing world-class results is difficult and time-consuming. After all, you’re entrusting your brand to someone else, and you need to know if they’re trustworthy. We have compiled a list of Kolkata’s top ten web app development companies that use the best and most recent technology solutions.


Everreality is a well-known Website App Development Company with over seven years of experience implementing solutions such as Web Development, CMS website Designing, and other similar services. They build beautiful and functional websites using open source projects such as WordPress, Blogger, and E-Commerce. In addition, hire a web developer to help you put your ideas into action on the internet.

Wama Technology 

Wama Technology is dedicated to providing web app development in Kolkata at a reasonable cost to help start-ups and SMEs worldwide achieve their business goals. We have tremendous experience and technical expertise in implementing technology-based solutions in various business domains such as EdTech, Real Estate, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and E-Commerce. They have a well-trained team that can provide their customers with an affordable web design solution. The company makes advanced websites and mobile applications available to the general public by utilizing cutting-edge technology. The company also provides e-marketing and E-commerce web app solutions as examples of low-cost services.

Primacy Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Choosing one of the best web app development companies in Kolkata, such as Primacy Infotech, is critical because they provide you with error-free websites. Professional web design firms usually offer a cost-effective solution to help you achieve your personal and professional objectives. Because of technological advancements, most people now believe that effective website development solutions are the most cost effective and best option for everyone. Professional web development firms hire web design and development experts with extensive experience.

Brainium Infotech

Brainium Infotech is a company that was founded in 2009 and operates solely on the principles of Ideate, Implement, and Succeed. It has over 2000 clients from 22 countries and a customer retention rate of 90%. CMS, API, e-commerce, custom web app development, migration and upgradation, and issues and bug fixes are just a few of the services the company provides under its web development services domain.

Unified Infotech

With over ten years in the industry, around 1500 solutions delivered, and a team of over 100 global digital experts, Unified Infotech has received numerous accolades along the way, including mentions in the Top Web Developers-Clutch India 2018, Top Rated-Upwork, Deloitte Technology Fast 500-2018 APAC, and Best Creative 2019. The company provides services such as blockchain, e-commerce, UI/UX design, custom software, web app & design, and PWA. The company’s most valuable clients include Largo Films, House Lab, Citi Bank, London Rag, and Joyscape.

Capital Numbers Infotech Pvt Ltd

Capital Numbers is a certified web app development company in Kolkata with over 600 experts available around the clock to meet their clients’ needs. They serve businesses ranging from start-ups to global corporations from all over the world. As a leading global provider of web and mobile applications, they have helped over 1000 clients worldwide. They have received numerous awards from reputable organizations such as Clutch, CII, Deloitte, GoodFirms, and the Economic Times, among others.

Tech Miles

Tech Miles is a market leader in a wide range of web application development services in Kolkata. Their services are full of creativity and innovation, with a dash of Enthusiasm, Commitment, Loyalty, and Solid Integrity. They provide the best of the best Business Solutions for their clients worldwide, thanks to an outstanding team. They are well-known for providing excellent web, mobile, e-commerce, and business intelligence solutions and services.

Kazma Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Kazma Technology Private Limited is a strong starting point for all smartphone and web application development. Thus, it is one of the top ten software development firms in Kolkata. The company builds web-based solutions focused on success, brand, and digital media solutions to achieve its business goals. Strategies and solutions complement their outstanding, dedicated, and day-to-day services equally well. They hope to combine smart technologies and resources to create unique features that will give customers a distinct brand and identity in the targeted market. Their strategy is centered on gaining continuous visibility and success for their clients.

Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Ivan Infotech is a new web app development company in Kolkata that provides on-time delivery and IT solutions to all of its domestic and international clients. The company was founded in 2016 and excelled in the industry. Therefore, it is one of the best software development firms in Kolkata. The team overcomes difficulties and challenges. Their dedicated team is confident in their cunning, which allows them to get involved in speculative business ventures involving hard work and aggressive deadlines and dramatically overcome them. They continue to explore new domains and expand accordingly, aided by a team of technical experts.


Netscribes is a global web app development company in Kolkata and a content service provider that helps businesses achieve strategic goals through various services. Thus, it is one of the names listed as one of the top web development companies in Kolkata. Their solutions are based on a unique combination of primary and secondary research, desk research, social media analytics, and IP research. They have assisted clients in various industries for over 15 years, including technology, financial services, health, marketing, and consumer packaged goods.

Final Thoughts 

Because of the level of innovation and rapid growth in the web app development market, businesses have found it difficult to develop programs that help them reach more customers and increase their visibility. However, it is only when a web app development company in Kolkata, such as Wama Technology, steps in to save the day. We have been a dependable partner in web application development, having deployed successful web apps in various segments to assist businesses in maximizing their ROIs. Customer satisfaction is something we value, and we have always listened to their needs and delivered the appropriate app.