Maximize Your Software Development with the Top 7 React Native Components.

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React Native, created by Facebook, is an open-source mobile application framework enabling developers to create high-performance mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. It combines the power of React with native platform features, providing developers with a graphical interface with a set of components such as containers, texts, images, or lists. When nested together, these components make up the different facets of an application.

Software development in React Native

React Native works the same way as React, except it doesn’t manipulate the DOM through a virtual DOM. Instead, it runs in a background process on the end machine, interprets developer-written JavaScript code, and communicates with the origin platform in asynchronous bridges and batches via serialized data.

If you’re interested in software development, particularly in developing mobile applications, then React Native is a framework worth exploring. With React Native, you can build cross-platform mobile applications using a single codebase that runs on both Android and iOS platforms. The framework offers a variety of components and tools that can help streamline your development process and enhance the functionality of your applications.

Below is a list of the Top 7 React Native Components for Software Development that you can use to maximize your software development efforts. You can build powerful and efficient mobile applications that meet your business needs and deliver a seamless user experience by leveraging these components.

Top React Native Components for Software Development

When you’re developing an app with React Native, there are a few key components you’ll want to include. These components will not only help you to create a beautiful and functional app, but they will also save you a lot of time and effort in the development process. Let’s take a closer look at these components and how they can benefit your software development project.

React Native Elements

React Native Elements is a cross-platform interface tool that brings together several open-source user interface components in specific places. These elements come with their own attributes that developers can change at runtime without reloading the application. This is extremely useful because it allows developers to focus on the logic of the app and develop attractive applications with a unique appearance. Generic UI components for the overall user experience and application design are also included in React Native Elements.

React Native Base

React Native Base is a helper library that helps developers develop a unified design system across iOS, Android, and web platforms. The elements in React Native Base come with theming features that allow developers to customize the design of their app’s themes and components. Many React Hooks via ARIA give developers quick access to design systems. With NativeBase, you can customize the functions of your application across multiple platforms.

React Native Vector Icons

React Native Vector Icons are easy to extend, design and integrate into your software development. They allow you to find selected ingredients that match your needs. The benefits of using the vector icon component include a very intuitive design, faster import of icons, and easy extension, design, and integration.

React Native Material Kit

React Native Material Kit is fully coded in the application template, enabling developers to develop applications quickly and efficiently. Developers can freely select and combine over 200 component variables including input, navigation, buttons, maps, and more. Easily manage and change color variations in theme files.

React Native Bit

React Native Bit tools are built around components that you can use to speed up your software development. This extensible system toolkit gives developers a head start when it comes to understanding, testing, maintaining, and collaborating on software development projects. Bit components allow developers to create components outside of their applications and leverage them to build multiple applications. In addition, developers can change the functionality of components in the application.

React Native Paper

React Native Paper is a collection of ready-to-use, customizable components for developing a React Native mobile app. This component allows you to easily customize the functionality. You can also benefit from theme support when switching between light and dark modes.

React Native Ignite

React Native Ignite is a popular model ideal for software development because it combines Infinite Red’s ideas about styles, layouts, and stacks in one place. This tool helps developers save maximum development time. It also contains AsyncStorage and fin support, MobX-React-Lite and MobX-State-Tree, React Native and TypeScript, and Reactive navigation 5.

What are the benefits of React Native for Software Development?

Shared and reusable code for high performance 

React Native allows much of the code to be shared between iOS and Android apps, helping to reduce development and maintenance time. Thus, React Native applications have similar performance to native applications, thanks to the use of native components and the use of a dedicated thread for the most resource-intensive tasks. Moreover, with React Native, you can reuse the existing code of your React web applications and convert it into mobile applications.

Cross-platform capability

With React Native, enterprises can use the same code to design iOS and Android applications. Developers can get exact performance results on both platforms without incurring additional expenses. A start-up only needs to worry about turning to developers who can leverage the strengths of the React Native platform.


A single code base is an opportunity to significantly reduce development time and, thus, costs compared to on-premise approaches. So React Native is cheaper. It is also a guarantee of identical experiences from one platform to another, a common working code, and the entire product life cycle. As part of its development, React Native has built-in hot reload functionality. This saves developers time by allowing them to see their changes’ results without recompiling the entire source code.

Third-Party Integrations

For a start-up, integration with third-party platforms is extremely important. To speed up software development, many additional functions can be integrated with each other. React Native already has a lot of them available, making it a solid and efficient development environment.

Easy and advanced code

Unlike complicated programming languages, JavaScript, which is the heart of React Native, is relatively simple. It is already ubiquitous on the web and has a huge pool of available developers. The code is less redundant: the strings of code are smaller, as well as the overall length is less, which ultimately translates into savings in time to develop and bring products to market.

A growing community of developers

React Native has an active community of developers who regularly contribute to its development and share knowledge on online forums, which provides effective support for developers. The framework is open source and updated regularly by Meta, so its community continues to grow. Plus, with React Native, you can see changes made to your app in real-time without having to reload your app.

Allows to use of JavaScript

The first of its particularities is that this framework allows the development of native mobile applications on iOS and Android using the concept and design of React.

Considerable time saving

When a developer builds a web application, he just needs to save the changes and reload the browser to see the changes made. For a native application, it is different; it must re-compile each time, even if there is just a change of text or pixel.

React Native allows developers to no longer recompile but to reload the application instantly. Developers thus save time by focusing on the details that are of real interest.

User experience and performance

Unlike solutions based on simple embedded WebViews, applications developed within React Native offer a similar experience to those developed natively and generated by the platform used. Delivers elements on the screen. This provides a natural grip and faster loading times.

Reusable components

While developing hybrid applications, platform developers often utilize various components to enhance the functionality of native components. React Native provides Android components and their native iOS counterparts, which can also be utilized as reusable components to provide native-like mobile experiences and meet all the expected functionality requirements.

Improve performance

Unlike other frameworks, React Native helps build high-performance native mobile apps. It is flexible and responsive and offers a nice user experience and interface (UX and UI). Bridge your Javascript code to your device’s native components without going through a web browser box. So there has been no compromise on performance. It also has good responsiveness at the interface level.

In conclusion, React Native is a powerful mobile software development tool that can help you create beautiful and functional apps for iOS and Android devices. The components we discussed above are just a few of the many options available to developers, and each one offers unique benefits and features to enhance the app development process. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started with React Native, these components are sure to make your job easier and your apps more functional and visually appealing.

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