Top mobile apps built using react native frameworks

Top mobile apps built using react native frameworks

React Native frameworks

React Native is a cutting-edge and widely used hybrid app development platform. The advantage of using the React Native platform is that multiple apps for different operating systems can be created at the same time. 

The need for a hybrid app development platform such as React Native has arisen as the cost and time for developing native apps has risen significantly. Using React Native, one can create high-end and cost-effective hybrid apps in the shortest amount of time. While developing a hybrid app on the React Native platform, one can notice a sudden increase in productivity. When comparing the performance of apps built on React Native and Native platforms, the best performer will be the one built on React Native. It supports nearly 90% of the codes on iOS and Android, and the codes are highly reusable. The React Native app development platform provides an excellent User Interface and User Experience.

In this blog, we will look at a list of well-known apps built with React Native platforms that you may not be aware of.

Well-known apps created with react native:


The social media app Facebook was the first to develop and implement React Native. All Facebook wants is for its app development processes to be clear and transparent. They want a single team to create apps for both iOS and Android. They also used React Native for the first time when developing their Facebook Ads Manager mobile app for both iOS and Android. They frequently migrated all of their related apps, such as Facebook, Messenger, and others, to the React Native platform. Following the implementation of React Native apps, Facebook experienced a dramatic shift. Its performance has soared to new heights. Furthermore, it is far more user-friendly than standard native software.


Retailing behemoth Walmart has built its apps using React Native. It aided them in improving their in-app activities and increased customer satisfaction. As a result, the overall customer engagement rate increased, resulting in more in-app sales and revenue. The platform allowed the company to achieve its goals in less time and assisted them in scaling its future business activities.


Instagram has added React Native to its existing frameworks. This aided them in the addition of new features to their apps. These features would have been extremely difficult to implement on an app traditionally. However, React native made it simple. Promote Post is a new option on the Instagram app, made possible by the integration of the React Native platform. Using React Native, high-quality UI and UX were made possible on the app interface.


Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms that was built with React Native at the end of 2017. Within a week, they create a high-end mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. Using React Native, many more add-on features were added to the app. Because React Native facilitates code sharing across platforms, Pinterest developers found the development process to be simple.

The above are just a few of the most popular mobile apps built with React Native frameworks. Many more apps are created with the same hybrid app development platform. And many are on the verge of migrating from native to React Native in the near future due to the benefits it provides. To summarise, we can conclude that React Native is an important tool for scaling up a business and engaging potential customers.

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