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November, 2023

Challenges Faced by iOS Developers

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the realm of iOS app development has emerged as a lucrative venture. An increasing number of enterprises are channelling their investments into iOS app development services, aiming to harness the surging demand. As iPhones continue to capture the market’s attention, companies are fervently venturing into iOS application production.  However, the […]

Best 6 Languages for iOS App Development in 2023

Mobile devices have become integral in both personal and professional spheres, with iOS accounting for nearly 27% of users. This number is set to rise, emphasizing the significance of iOS application development. Catering to this demand, iOS app development services play a pivotal role in creating innovative applications. To accomplish this, developers rely on specific programming languages […]

Flutter vs. Swift: Choosing the Ideal Framework for iOS App Development

Today, there is an application for seemingly everything. If a company doesn’t have its own application, it appears as unusual as not having a website a decade ago. This could potentially lead to revenue loss since the demand for dependable, user-friendly applications has never been greater. Fortunately, contemporary mobile development tools simplify the creation of high-performance applications […]

How to Make an iOS Apps in 2023

Among smartphones, “iPhone” boasts a high domestic market share in 2023. Many companies are thinking about developing smartphone ios apps for the iPhone. Android apps are also a powerful option, and some people may be wondering which one to develop. Therefore, this article will reveal how to make an iPhone app. This article will also […]

Best iOS App Development Tools for 2023

The journey of becoming an Apple platform developer begins with learning the basics and progresses to using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing code. This involves working with designs, leveraging open-source projects to save time, troubleshooting your app, and conducting thorough testing before releasing it. To make this process easier, this blog provides you […]

The Benefits and Challenges of iOS vs Android App Development

With iOS and Android dominating the market, developers often find themselves at a crossroads. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits and challenges of iOS app development, shedding light on why companies like Wama Technology might prioritize this platform. Benefits of iOS App Development: Lucrative Market Share: iOS, the operating system that powers Apple […]

How Difficult is iOS App Development

As businesses strive to capitalize on the immense potential of iOS, the demand for skilled iOS app developers and reliable iOS application development companies is on the rise. In this blog, we delve into the intricacies of iOS app development, shedding light on the challenges developers face, and spotlighting Wama Technology as a leading iPhone […]

How to Create an iOS App: 5 Steps to Make It Happen

As the demand for iOS apps continues to rise, it’s essential to understand the key steps involved to create an iOS app application that not only meets user needs but also stands out in a competitive market. Understanding iOS App Development To create an iOS app development refers the process for Apple’s mobile devices, such as iPhones […]

5 iOS App Development Trends Every Developer Must Know

5 iOS app development trends that every developer must know, drawing insights from the expertise of Wama Technology. Swift Programming Dominance As we step into the future of iOS app development, the dominance of Swift programming language continues to be a key trend. Swift, introduced by Apple in 2014, has become the go-to language for […]

How to develop an iOS App in 2023 [A Complete Guide]

How to develop an iOS App [A Complete Guide 2023] iOS has been available for mobile app developers for over a decade, and its popularity has only grown. There is a lot of interest from Apple and Google generating billions of dollars of revenue into iOS development because of how popular it is. However, they are still determining […]