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How to Make an iOS Apps in 2023

  September 12, 2023     0 Comments

Among smartphones, “iPhone” boasts a high domestic market share in 2023. Many companies are thinking about developing smartphone ios apps for the iPhone. Android apps are also a powerful option, and some people may be wondering which one to develop. Therefore, this article will reveal how to make an iPhone app. This article will also introduce the environment and flow required for iOS app development, so please use it as a reference.

Requirements and environment for iPhone (iOS) application development

First, let’s understand what is necessary to develop iPhone applications and the environment. When publishing and selling iPhone applications, it is common to register the application in the “App Store.” For that purpose, it is necessary to apply for the completed iPhone application to Apple, the developer of the iPhone. You will also need the following four items:

  • ・Mac computer
  • ・Programming language “Swift”
  • ・Registration to the Apple Developer Program

Mac computer

If you want to develop iPhone apps, prepare a Mac computer. This is because the development environment called “Xcode” used for iPhone app development is only compatible with macOS. Xcode itself can be downloaded for free, but iPhone applications cannot be released unless it is on macOS installed on a Mac computer.

Programming language “Swift”

“Swift” is famous as the official development language for phone applications. Swift programming language is highly reliable because it is a programming language created by Apple, the developer of iOS. With a streamlined grammar that can be described as “modern,” it will be possible to implement a program with a smaller description than a language with a long history.

Although iPhone applications can be developed in the language “Objective-C,” the grammar is unique, and the difficulty level is high. Therefore, choosing Swift is recommended if you want to learn programming for iPhone app development.

Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

In order to publish an iPhone application on the App Store, it is essential to register for the “Apple Developer Program.” The Apple Developer Program is a program for app developers provided by Apple, the developer of iPhone and iOS. Registration costs $99 USD per year. You will also need an Apple ID, as you will be signed in with your Apple ID during the registration process.


You can register for the Apple Developer Program and develop iPhone applications on a Mac computer, but it is recommended that you prepare an actual iPhone if possible. This is because having an actual iPhone makes it possible to conduct more rigorous testing of iPhone applications. Xcode has a function called “iOS Simulator” that allows you to check the operation of iPhone applications on a Mac computer. On the other hand, problems peculiar to the actual machine cannot be detected. To reduce the risk of discovering critical issues after releasing your iPhone app, you should also test it on a real device.

Is iPhone app development more difficult than Android app development?

You may be wondering which is more difficult to develop, an iPhone app or an Android app. In addition, it depends on the skill and sensitivity of the individual, so it cannot be unconditionally said which application development is difficult. However, due to the spread of development tools, the hurdles of iPhone application development have been lowered. Recently, there are also “no-code development tools” that allow you to develop applications by simply operating the screen without writing a program.

However, in order to publish an iPhone application, it must pass Apple’s own examination. You can’t publish an iPhone app if it doesn’t comply with the review rules, so be sure to understand the registration procedure after completion.

The flow of iPhone application development

The flow of iPhone application development roughly consists of the following four steps:

Step 1: Planning and design

Planning is required before beginning to develop an iPhone application. No matter how advanced the technology, it will not be installed if an app does not appeal to iPhone consumers. The demands of the user should be taken into consideration throughout the design.

After that, developers will design according to the fixed plan and clarify the concrete implementation method of the iPhone application. A detailed iOS app UI/UX design is required, such as the necessary functions, processing, screen specifications, and the framework to be used (a program that increases development efficiency). Let’s drop it to the level where engineers can write programs.

Step 2: Development

Based on the design, the developers will develop the iPhone application. As mentioned above, Xcode is required for development, so download and install it on your Mac computer. They will write programs using Swift (or Objective-C) on Xcode.

Also, let’s actually run the written program on Xcode and debug it (work to eliminate bugs). Any problems in the program should be fixed, and visible bugs should be removed.

Step 3: Operation Test

After the development of the necessary programs is completed, it is tested whether the operation conforms to the specifications and design. If the behavior test finds a problem, it needs to be fixed.

As mentioned above, it is possible to test the operation to some extent with the iOS simulator on Xcode development. However, it is recommended to perform a strict operation test using an actual iPhone.

Step 4: Application/Publication

If you can confirm that there are no problems in the operation test, the iPhone application itself is complete. After that, apply for registering the iPhone application in the App Store.

As mentioned above, registration in the Apple developer program is required. Also, prepare the app name, description, screenshots, etc., as information for registering the completed iPhone app. It will take about a week at the earliest to receive the application results from Apple. If your application is approved, your iPhone app will be published on the App Store.

In Conclusion 

To develop an iPhone application, prepare a Mac computer or an iPhone and register it for the Apple Developer Program. If you want to develop high-quality apps, you need to develop using Swift or Xcode. However, engineers with a wealth of specialized knowledge and skills are indispensable to make full use of these languages and environments. If it is difficult to secure engineers suitable for iOS app design and development, it is recommended to outsource to a professional application development company like Wama Technology. They will understand your company’s needs and develop high-quality apps in a short period of time.