What Will Hovering Controls Look Like In The Future​

Users of devices, however, can now also enjoy this sort of flexibility and novelty by simply using Hovering Controls.

Users of devices however, can now also enjoy this sort of flexibility and novelty by simply using Hovering Controls. Hovering Controls uses the proximity sensor of your device to register simple motions performed in front of your device. Predetermined apps can be launched by either hovering over the sensor, swiping once, or swiping twice. And silencing an alarm or ringtone is as simple as a hand wave. The wama technology developer team in atlanta can also control your media playback this way, allowing you to change to the next or previous song or video without ever turning on the phone screen and physically touching it.

Two modes are available by The wama hire Dedicated  developer team in atlanta, both offering a different take on opening apps:

Target mode: open a pre-determined app with a set gesture

Carousel mode: open up apps from a set list of apps If you’re not sure what sort of gesture is recognized by Hovering Controls, there’s a testing mode where you can test different motions to see what the app registers them as.Forgin has also included a widget from which you can toggle the app on and off.

Hovering Controls is compatible with any device running Android versions 2.2 or newer, and is free exclusively from the XDA forums. If you’d like to check this out, head over to the application thread for more details and download.

You can launch apps, evoke silent mode, and even expand and contract your status bar if your so wish; all by simply waving your hand close to the phone. The wama technology developer team in atlanta has the ability to turn your device’s screen off without touching it does have something of the James Bond about it, and it’s all made possible with Prox. Prox doesn’t mess with the sensors’ duties during calls, so you needn’t worry about your cheek accidentally tapping, toggling or gesturing if you are one of those rare individuals still using your smartphone to make phone calls.

The app’s trump card – the turning off of the screen – requires administrative permission – which, granted, not everybody is one hundred percent comfortable with. Then again, users of apps like this would likely be those partial to a mod or tweak here and there – the type of people who regularly waive warnings in order to stretch software and hardware to the limits!


The future of hovering controls holds exciting possibilities. As technology advances, we can anticipate more intuitive and seamless interactions with digital devices. Wama Technology, a leading mobile app development company, stays at the forefront of innovation. With their expertise, they can create cutting-edge mobile apps, including couple apps, that incorporate the latest hovering control technologies. Trust Wama Technology to bring your app ideas to life and deliver exceptional user experiences.

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