Amazing Infographic about Improved Dnd Mode

dnd mode

Shush mode or improved dnd mode is a new gesture to activate Do Not Disturb — by turning your phone screen-down on a flat surface, you’ll put your phone into the mode automatically. The wama technology developer team in atlanta  will also allow users to set Starred Contacts, people whose messages will get through to you even if your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode.

The developer team in Atlanta provides Wind Down which is an automatic Do Not Disturb mode designed to help wean users who lose hours of sleep from the addictive glow of their smartphones. The Wama hire a developer in India team in Atlanta sets a bedtime for themselves, and when that time comes, their phone will start fading to grayscale, making it more difficult to see and encouraging them to shut their phones off. Grayscale is also less stimulating for the brain, meaning users aren’t as likely to want to say on their phone. Wind Down automatically reverts to normal mode in the morning. 

To further try to put self-imposed restrictions onto users, P will introduce something called app timers. The OS will prompt the user a warning once he exceeds the application time over a day and will gray out the app to discourage further usage.

Wind down is a functionality that allows to set a “bedtime” after which the phone will switch to black & white mode which reduces visual stimulus in the evening and is meant to help with sleep.
The Dashboard is a new statistics UI which shows usage patterns and history of various apps over time. This is seemingly a similar breakdown of application usage as the battery statistics but here it’s sorted by usage time rather than by battery lifetime.

Google made a lot of emphasis on trying to improve the balance in the case of excessive technology usage in everyday life. Three main features are at play here. Android P includes a new Do Not Disturb feature that can be enabled manually or by putting the phone face down. This will turn off all notifications sounds or feedback – except from crucial contacts that can be whitelisted in case of emergencies.


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