How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Game App Like Stick Cricket?

How much does it cost to develop a game app like stick cricket?

stick cricket

This blog will inform you about the famous mobile game Stick Cricket, its features, and the cost of app creation.

Concerning stick cricket 

Stick Cricket, the most popular cricket game, was created by Cann Creative, an Australian company, to provide entertainment for cricket enthusiasts. Play real-time multiplayer cricket in stunning 3D stadiums all over the world. Stick Cricket Live, from the creators of Stick Cricket Super League, the most notable and highly rated cricket game on the App Store and Google Play, allows you to:

Play a massive range of strokes (including the Scoop, Switch Hit, and Ramp) as you face off against your opponent’s bowling onslaught in quick shoot three over duels.

Increase the stakes by unlocking stadiums all across the world.

Accumulate kit bags to unlock new bats and improve your bowling lineup.

Upgrade your bowlers so that they come at full capacity.

Increase your chances of winning by making clever bowling modifications and team selections.

You may change your player’s name, appearance, and country.

By accumulating trophies, you may unlock additional character and pack plans.

Sixes, crush them! All things considered, it’s Stick Cricket.

Stick Sports provides a variety of cricket variants, including

Stick Cricket Live Robot Cricket Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Premier League

Stick Cricket 2

It is a game in which the participant seeks to score as many runs as may be realistically predicted in two, five, ten, or twenty overs. The most impressive game mode is “World Domination,” in which the player must defeat 18 of the world’s best cricket teams, specifically Bermuda, Canada, Kenya, Netherlands, Scotland, UAE, Ireland, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, West Indies, Pakistan, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, and Australia (in order request: Rank 18 to Rank 1). “Academy” allows the user to practice batting against different bowlers with diverse bowling techniques. “World T2” allows the user to win the world cup as their own country, with each game lasting two overs. “Stick Cricket Multiplayer” allows the user to play online against people from all over the world, and another feature considers the first run through throughout the game history to bowl. Stick Cricket has been played and is still played by a large number of people all over the world, and it is the most well-known of the Stick Sports.

Cricket with a Stick:


Only a Stick Cricket legend can properly unlock and beat 14 countries on their way to World Domination, from minnows to cutting-edge aces.


When you activate this mode, you will get access to the most wanted flatware in cricket. 


In All-Star Slog, you may cushion up for your nation against the greats. If their notoriety doesn’t frighten you, their irate bouncers will!


In Bangladesh, 16 teams compete in a dramatic two-over tournament game.


Take on your friends through Bluetooth in a final battle for bragging rights.


Get your eye in with a net session at the Academy, or enhance your approach by taking an ability test.


Take a look back at all the carnage you’ve inflicted! Simply make sure your professional run rate is more like Botham’s than Boycott’s.

How much does it cost to design a stick cricket app?

The gaming market has a large scope, and if you are intending to plunge into it with a brand new game application idea, you might select Wama Technology, the best Game app development company with extensive expertise in building successful applications like Stick Cricket.

You may be curious about the Stick Cricket app development cost.

Before we get there, let’s take a look at the aspects that influence the cost of developing a stick cricket app.

Platform Selection

Make a selection on the platform for which you want to construct the app—iOS, Android, Windows, and so on. You might be wondering how much it costs to design a stick cricket app for Android and iOS. Our development team believes that IOS development takes fewer hours than Android development. However, the prices on both platforms may differ.

App Complicatedness and App Design

It’s time to talk about what type of features, functionality, and security you want in your game app, as well as the app design (template, intermediate, and superb) that will be important for the app’s success.

Keep in mind that the decision you took to add app complications and app design will cost you a lot of money as you add or want.

Process of Development and Time Required

Stick cricket app development cost is heavily influenced by time and development technique. The app cost is determined by the resources, planning, and processes incorporated in your app project.

To begin, if you want to know the cost, you must first sketch up an idea of the features, designs, and functionalities you want to incorporate and perform a preliminary estimate. If you’ve already derived, let’s find out how much it costs to develop a game app like Stick Cricket.

According to Wama Technology, the pricing may range from $15k to $50k depending on the above-mentioned characteristics, and it may vary depending on your needs.

developing a game app like Stick Cricket involves various factors that influence the overall cost. From design and development to testing and deployment, each stage requires expertise and resources. However, with the assistance of Wama Technology, a leading mobile app development company, you can rely on their experience and proficiency to create a game app that meets your specific requirements. Their skilled team of developers and designers can guide you through the process, ensuring a high-quality and engaging gaming experience for your users. Trust Wama Technology to bring your game app vision to life.