Why Walmart and Skype Opted for React Native in Their App?

Why did Walmart and Skype Choose React Native for Their App?

  August 07, 2023     0 Comments

Why Walmart and Skype Choose React Native in Their App Development

Are you unsure about the potential of React Native? Rest assured, renowned companies like Walmart and Skype have embraced react native for some of their apps. This not only showcases the strength and adaptability of React Native but also highlights its reliability. React Native is a framework for developing mobile apps that enables the creation of cross-platform applications for both Android and iOS using native user interface elements. It is built on the JavaScriptCore runtime and employs Babel transformers. With this setup, React Native supports the latest features of JavaScript (ES6+), including arrow functions and async/await.

This widely popular framework for mobile app development originated as an internal project of Facebook in the summer of 2013. It was showcased to the public for the first time at the Reactjs Conference in January 2015. Soon after, in March 2015, Facebook made React Native available to everyone as an open-source platform on GitHub. Since then, many developers and organizations have enthusiastically adopted it because it allows them to create native apps with outstanding user interfaces.

What is a cross-platform application?

React Native is an open-source platform developed by one of the giants of online technology: Facebook. This platform is highly regarded by developers for its ability to reduce the difficult development process. react native app development makes use of JavaScript as its primary programming language. 

Benefits of using React Native- what makes it the best choice for Walmart and Skype apps

When you develop a cross-platform react native app, you have the ability to reach a wider audience. When targeting a wider audience, there’s a greater chance of success. The same goes for the distribution of the application on the market – it will be easier and more extensive.

The maintenance of the developed react native Application requires less maintenance work. Unlike the classic native app, which requires multiple languages ​​and programmers, React Native uses a single code for both apps: iOS and Android. This means that when a customer wishes to make any change, add a new feature, or fix any bug, it will be a much more agile and streamlined operation as it will be necessary to make the change to the code and then synchronize it across the platforms.

Intuitively these advantages are also automatically transformed into economic savings: in fact, the reduction of time is equivalent to a monetary saving, as well as the use of fewer human resources (developers), which makes it a preferred choice for industry giants like Walmart and Skype. Native apps built with React Native are, therefore, remarkable, especially for startups and companies with little initial capital, which can create an online presence quickly and at a lower cost. React Native fits these criteria perfectly by saving you time and money.

In addition, Walmart and Skype use react native for their apps because of the following benefits:

One code for everyone

One of the biggest advantages of React Native is that you can reuse the same code for different platforms. Simply put, it’s written once and used on both iOS and Android. This saves a lot of time and drastically reduces costs.


Despite working with a cross-platform language, React Native doesn’t make you regret native apps in terms of performance. Thanks to the way it interacts with the native components of the device, it ensures truly excellent performance.

Huge community

The react native developer community is continuously growing that is always ready to help. So if you are in trouble, there is always someone who can lend a hand.

Real-time updates

With React Native, there is the ability to do “over-the-air” updates. This means that instead of waiting for an update to be approved by the App Store or Google Play, you can push updates directly to users. This makes managing your apps much more agile and faster.

Reusable components

A big advantage of React Native app development is its component-based architecture. This means that you can create single components (like a button, a form, etc.) and reuse them anywhere in your project. Not only does it save time, but it also makes your code cleaner and easier to maintain.

Good investment for the future

Investing in React Native is a smart move for the future. The developer community is highly active and continuously enhancing the framework with new features. By choosing React Native, you not only get a solution that works well today but also invest in a framework that will grow and improve over time.

Interoperability with native code

One of the advantages of React Native is its compatibility with native code. You don’t have to completely abandon native code if there’s a feature that React Native doesn’t fully support. You can easily write that specific part using native code, enjoying the benefits of both worlds.

An extensive library of plugins

React Native offers an extensive library of plugins, which is another great advantage. These plugins allow you to expand the capabilities of your project without starting from scratch. Whether you need payment handling or an authentication system, chances are you’ll find a suitable plugin to assist you.

Compatibility with third-party plugins

In the realm of mobile app development, compatibility with third-party plugins can sometimes be problematic. However, cross-platform technologies like React Native face this issue less frequently. Since React Native is developed and maintained by Facebook, it has multiple JavaScript libraries that can greatly enhance app performance.

Great ecosystem

React Native is also part of a larger ecosystem of JavaScript development tools, including Node.js, npm, and yarn. This ecosystem grants you access to a vast collection of packages and libraries that can accelerate and simplify your app development process.

In conclusion, Walmart and Skype’s decision to choose React Native for their respective applications highlights the numerous benefits of this versatile framework. React Native’s ability to create react native app and cross-platform apps with a single codebase, its fast development cycle, and its strong performance make it an attractive choice for companies aiming to deliver high-quality mobile experiences efficiently. Walmart and Skype’s successful implementations demonstrate the effectiveness of React Native in meeting their app development needs.

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