Continuous integration blog for website

Continuous integration blog for website

Continuous integration & Continuous delivery in web app development is key for every organization

From client business information management to automated invoice and accounting management, businesses have turned to custom web applications to solve the problems that cause errors in their workflows. Companies do invest a lot of time and money to have web developers build quality apps, so it can be a high-pressure game to find out that critical functions don’t work out on deploying the apps into the real world.


Web development as a whole is a very important component for e-commerce or any other business success, as without a website the world would never know about a business’s products or services you are selling. When it comes to do marketing of your business brand these days, web application development has become the mandatory trend for e-commerce companies around the globe.


Continuous integration

Web Developers create components/tools of a web or mobile app separately and write code using different tools and platforms. Collecting all these components all at once on release day is a big loss because it needs effort and time to piece all the parts of an app together.

To control such a disaster, developers implement a regular basis process called Continuous Integration (CI), or the practice of regularly merging new code to the main (release) branch to guarantee that new components runs properly, before making any more developments activities to the code. In different words, developers construct components separately, then put these together and integrate them and run the automated tests on the resulting build as one complete process keeping clients in the sync.

Only when that single process is satisfactory (i.e., every component works as we expect) will the process repeat, with new components added and/or old ones show an error to form subsequent different results.

 Because this method of delivery for the Software is undoubtedly human-centric, and that takes a lot of time to complete the projects has been proven to be majorly not successful.

Continuous Web Development

There are a lot of firms practicing customer requirements, an issue for the statement of work, rather than starting to build the web and mobile application development for several months at the same time. At the end of those several months, the clients finally get to see the working software app and products, only to find it isn’t what she/he wanted, which can lead to making changes a significant part of the software/app often on the client’s requirements eventually taking a lot of time on the single project proportionally increasing the costs.

Web Development firms solve this issue by cutting down the time period wherein the clients get to see the working software & implementing continuous delivery (CD), or the automatic and simultaneous deployment of a web app to its end users. Because of CD method of web development Owners can see that if at all developers start their project work with minimum cost product and the least effective app produced and released to the client quickly just to complete for the name’s sake. Then, follow up with a short (two weeks Max) process that delivers additional features, Upgrade & versions with new and improved features and functionalities.

Whereas through CD, daily, weekly, or bi-weekly releases allow clients to make micro changes to their application instead of major changes at the end of a long development cycle time and keep an eye on the production point.


continuous integration is a critical aspect of website development, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient code integration. By adopting a robust continuous integration process, website owners can streamline their development workflow, reduce errors, and deliver high-quality websites. If you’re looking for a reliable mobile app development company, Wama Technology can assist you in creating a customized couple app that meets your specific needs. With their expertise in mobile app development, you can trust Wama Technology to deliver a user-friendly and innovative app that enhances the relationship-building experience.

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