Have your Online Battleground game tournaments on the Mobile

Have your Online Battleground game tournaments on the Mobile app.

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In recent years games like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile & Battlelands Royale have become a huge hit for Android mobile in a big way. These games have millions of players around the globe already and it has jump-started the tournaments on mobile app games. These are the best first-person shooter games available. However, they are not for everyone. These games have long play times with a fairly simple premise. Some players may want to try something else in the genre.

With this generation being pro in these games makes you look extremely cool which drives a lot of attention not even with the kids but also with the age which generally ranges from 12–45/50. There may be a few people around the age of 60 playing such games.

With the outbreak of the pandemic & according to the results of a survey conducted during the first week of a nation-wide lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) in India, mobile apps for gaming saw a spike in usage of Pubg, Fortnite, Battlelands Royale Ludo King, Rummy 13 Cards, and Bubble Shooter were some of the popular apps with a surge in usage that week. Lockdown was imposed on March 25, 2020, in India the largest in the world, restricting 1.3 billion people, extended until May 3, 2020.

Talking about PUBG of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile app game has become a worldwide sensation since it has been launch in the year of 2017. The game has seen an exponential amount of followers and growth which further increased when it was announced for smartphones devices too. PUBG Mobile app was launched last year for iOS and Android devices and has since shifted into a pop culture icon. That includes games like Fortnite mobile app games as well.

And that brings us to the number of users playing these games at a time being online and having the battle or any other tasks in the game, and taking up this opportunity many startups and organizations have started the organizing the tournaments all around the globe keeping the healthy amount of prize to attract the huge amount of audience. This has become a trend of organizing the tournaments of such games and has really gone to the international level.

Most of the companies keep the particular tournaments in the online format with the specifics of having the payment and enroll in the tournament which is really not the safe and secure method for the users to participate. Instead of having such methods to let the user participate, they should have mobile apps registered of their own to have safe and astounding to organize such tournaments with no glitch and error when the tasks are happening.

Wama Technology has a team of experienced developers who have already developed mobile game apps and Surely looking forward to developing the platform where gamers can participate in games like PUBG Mobile app & other high-end online game tournaments and win Cash Prizes for every target or Victory they achieve. It will be a great platform for gamers to earn money along with playing their favorite games eventually bringing the revenues to the companies.


The rise of mobile gaming and the increasing popularity of online battleground game tournaments have created a demand for convenient and user-friendly platforms. Wama Technology, a leading mobile app development company, offers the expertise to develop a customized mobile app for hosting your online battleground game tournaments. With their technical prowess and commitment to excellence, Wama Technology can provide a seamless and engaging gaming experience for players. Take your online battleground game tournaments to the next level with Wama Technology’s cutting-edge mobile app development services

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