Why is the urgency of having Mobile food delivery services

Why is the urgency of having Mobile food application services for Restaurants?

Mobile food application services for Businesses

Food delivery services had modified the way people get their food. From a customer’s perspective, the benefits of using a food delivery service are evident. It’s not only fast but human interaction in very less, considering the ongoing pandemic situation all around the globe this online ordering of the food through mobile application has become has almost become mandatory. Today it has been observing the global explosion of food tech – companies and services use new technologies and new approaches to rethink the process of buying and consuming food under the guideline of the World health organization.

Restaurants/Hotels are on the verge of losing the business if they don’t collaborate with existing delivery services or build their own. Also, given the industry demand, it’s an excellent opportunity to become a key player between restaurants and customers by creating an on-demand food delivery apps of your own.

What is the market growth for Mobile app development?

In 2015, the world’s mobile app industry revenues were estimated at approximately somewhere around USD of 69.7 billion. In the year 2016, the industry revenues crossed the mark of USD 88.3 billion. Through 2020, revenues generated by the companies engaged in the mobile app industry through mobile app stores and also in-app advertising are predicted to surpass the huge mark of USD 188.5 billion.

Audience from the age group between 18-24 years holds the major mobile app consumer category, however, it is been followed by age groups of ‘25-34 years old’ and also with the people of more than ‘35-44 years old’. Therefore, mobile app service providers tend to target primarily the middle age generation consumer group. Besides, the female population spends there more time on different mobile apps rather than males.

Empowering the Revenue through Food Mobile App

The global online food delivery services market is expected to grow from the amount of $107.44 billion in 2019 and to $111.32 billion in 2020 at a growth rate of 3.61%. This fact clearly indicates that companies that are engaged in the Food mobile apps industry are generating a huge amount of revenues across the years and the usage of their mobile apps in still on the increasing graph and keeping their audience engaged.

Practically, your customers choose to order food online because it’s literally at their fingertips. Over 97% of the your target audience actually use their phones according to the survey for just about surfing on the internet to ordering something online. And ordering food online falls perfectly into the category of the TG we are looking for. So using a Mobile app development is the easiest way to target your most important, sale-generating target audience.

Usually, customers order much more food online when they are hungry and tempted to eat outside food. That can be translated into bigger and higher orders and a significantly larger stream of revenue fueling your revenue.

As the idiom goes, the primary bite is with the eye. So empowering your clients to go on the website and see the whole menu when they’re eager pushes them towards requesting more online food that they wouldn’t regularly arrange via calling.


 the urgency of having mobile food application services for restaurants cannot be overstated. With the increasing reliance on smartphones and the demand for convenience, restaurants need to adapt to the digital landscape to stay competitive. Wama Technology, a leading mobile app development company, understands the importance of providing efficient and user-friendly mobile app solutions. They can help restaurants develop customized mobile food applications that cater to the unique needs of their business, enhancing customer experiences and driving growth in the digital era.

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