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"What is Video Creation?:An Inside Look at developing Video In Android App"

creating a video android app

If your latest Android app is going to find an audience, then you need to deliver an engaging user experience. Wama technology mobile development team will be exploring the two major ways that you can add and play videos to your applications:


1) Add and Play video using Vimeo: This Includes one or more video files in your project’s “resources” directory.

2) Add and Play video using URL: Embedding content and Url from a video-sharing website.W

1) Add and Play video using Vimeo:.
Playing a video in android was never easy. But, now 
wama technology mobile development team had made it easy with the help of vimeo view. By adding a video to your application’s “res” directory, you can guarantee this video will always be accessible, regardless of whether the user has an active Internet connection. The mobile development team of wama technology in atlanta will consider bundling a video with your application files, if the video in question is required to deliver a good user experience, or it provides part of your app’s core functionality. Distributing videos as part of your application will also spare your users the overheads associated with downloading and buffering a video from the Internet, helping to preserve their device’s battery and data allowance. The second step is to display Video using vimeo. Wama technology mobile development team will display this video using Android’s VideoView class, and provide the user with a set of media controls, via Android’s Media Controller class. The Media Controller class includes play, pause, rewind and fast-forward controls, plus a progress slider that’ll allow the user to skip to a specific point within the video. The third step is to Create a “raw” directory. You’ll need to add the video file to your application’s “res/raw” directory. 

2) Video Creation and playing using url
When we need to play videos in an app, we must set app permissions to use a video from the internet. Add the internet permission in the manifest because our code will play Video Creation from a URL. 

Now, define a video view in activity_main.xml and a text that will show the buffering state when there is buffering. 

We will notify users through this textview. Here, we are using Constraint Layout but you can use Relative Layout as well. Now, find these views in an activity called In our, find the views in onCreate() method as shown below and intialize the videoview. Now, you need to implement all methods for activities like onStart(), onPause(), onStop(). These methods will be executed when the Start, Pause, and Stop buttons are clicked on the controller.

return Uri.parse(“android.resource://” + getPackageName() +
“/raw/” + mediaName);

Now, path here is a raw directory; simply put your media file name instead of mediaName like samplVideo.mp4 and something else.
When you play a video in an app on your phone, the Internet might be slow and buffering may occur.
The last thing we want to do is, on the onCompletion() method, we show a toast when the video is finished playing. 

Android projects don’t contain this directory by default, so let’s create it now: Control-click your project’s “res” folder and select “New > Android Resource Directory.” In the subsequent window, open the “Resource type” dropdown and select “raw.” The “Directory name” should update to “raw” automatically, but if it doesn’t then you’ll need to rename it manually. In our VideoView widget, I’m setting both “layout_width” and “layout_height” to 0dp, as this allows the size of the VideoView to be calculated dynamically. Now, we need to retrieve the path to our local video; play the clip automatically at startup, and give the user a way to interact with the video. 


 video creation in Android apps offers endless possibilities for engaging and interactive user experiences. Wama Technology, a trusted mobile app development company, understands the importance of incorporating video features into apps. With their expertise, they can develop customized Android apps that leverage the power of video to captivate users and enhance their overall app experience. Trust Wama Technology to bring your video creation ideas to life.

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